Pan Am 103 Terrorist Mastermind Released to Adoring Libyan Crowd (UPDATED)





A *shocker*:  The Scottish shite bag who freed al-Megrahi laments that Libya ‘broke it’s promise not to celebrate’.

The man who took the decision to free the Lockerbie bomber from jail on compassionate grounds accused him yesterday of breaking an undertaking not to celebrate his release.

Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi, the Libyan convicted of the bombing, had shown “no sensitivity” to the families of those who died, Kenny MacAskill, Scotland’s Justice Secretary, told the Scottish Parliament. It was the first time that Scotland’s Nationalist administration has joined the condemnation of the triumphal scenes.

Aware that Britain is caught in the cross-hairs of international outrage, Gordon Brown is expected today to urge Libya not to fête al-Megrahi further. Appearing before the cameras for the first time in weeks, Mr Brown will hold talks at No 10 with Binyamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, before taking questions from the press. Although Mr Brown is expected to issue a robust defence of his “principled decision” that the release was a matter only for the devolved Scottish government, diplomatic efforts are being made to restore Britain’s battered credibility among allies, including the US.

Amid a rumble of accusations that Britain connived at the release in return for trade deals with oil-rich Libya, aides said last night that Mr Brown was likely to disclose how he had demanded assurances from Tripoli that al-Megrahi would not be fêted in the celebrations on Tuesday to mark the 40th anniversary of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s seizure of power.

MacAskill is surprised at the unremorsefulness of an Islamic terrorist cuthroat who slaughtered 270 people.

Weapons grade idiocy.

I hope that the rumors of a trade deal in exchange for that douchebag are unfounded.  I sure would hate to think that one of our staunchest allies is a Dhimmi sellout…oh wait, we have one of our own in the White House.

Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the mastermind behind the murder of 270 people on Pan Am Flight 103, was released from Scottish prison, where he only served 8 years of a life sentence. Apparently, the court had more sympathy for his prostate cancer than the victims of his terrorist atrocity.

As the only man convicted in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 that killed 270 people woke up a free man Friday morning, Scots expressed their “shame” at their government’s release of the Libyan national.
“I have never been ashamed to see my country’s flag waved before, but to see it misused to celebrate mass murder is outrageous,” Russell Brown, a member of Parliament, told The Scotsman. “This man is convicted of murdering 270 people in my part of Scotland and that conviction stands.”

Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was convicted in 2001 and sentenced to life imprisonment for the attack that killed 259 on board the airplane and left 11 people dead on the ground in Lockerbie, Scotland, at its crash site. He was granted early release on compassionate grounds because of a terminal case of prostate cancer.

“[The] government has made a mistake of international proportions,” said David Mundell, a member of Parliament whose constituency includes Lockerbie. “These reports (of the flag being waved) are sickening.”

Residents of the small Scottish town were outraged by al-Megrahi’s release, The Scotsman reported. The self-styled “Baby of Lockerbie” described the decision as “quite disgusting.”,2933,541325,00.html

The friends and loved ones of the victims are understandably angry:


“I heard from the White House yesterday that President Obama, via a senior White House official, had made a last minute attempt to show their dismay to the Scottish government at this decision.

“My understanding is that the man (Megrahi) really is within three months of dying, which is one of the issues we wanted cleared up. At the same time, we have always maintained that he should remain in prison in Scotland and die there if it comes to that.

“I understand though that the Libyan government has given assurances that there will be no celebratory reactions on the part of the Libyans when Megrahi gets back. We were all afraid that this guy would go back to a hero’s welcome. But there’s going to be no dancing in the end-zone, as the expression goes.”

Oh yeah?

When al-Megrahi landed in Tripoli, he was greeted as a hero by jubilant Libyan asswipes.


“I have made no secret of my firm view that Mr Megrahi is innocent of this atrocity.

……”It is imperative that a full public inquiry is established at the earliest opportunity. I would call on the Crown Office to secure all the evidential material it holds to be used in that inquiry if and when it is established.

“Sadly the full truth behind the bombing of that flight has still not been revealed. I expect that in time history will reveal who really carried out that attack and why, and that finally some closure can be brought on this case.”

Oh, I dunno Christine. Why don’t you ask the Libyan government?  Circumstantial evidence indicated that the bomb was traced to al-Megrahi’s suitcase which was in the cargo hold.

Taking into account that Abdel Basset al-Megrahi is a Libyan intelligence agent who planted a suitcase containing explosives on a plane he convieniently missed, the circumstantial evidence is pretty convincing.

Obama, of course is “disappointed”:

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the elaborate homecoming in Tripoli for al-Megrahi was “outrageous and disgusting” — offensive to all the families of those killed in the 1988 Lockerbie attack.,2933,541325,00.html

And what  is Obama going to do about it?  He’s so adept at protecting American interests in foreign policy, what with all the ‘apology tours’ and ‘negotiating without preconditions’.  Yeah, he’ll take prompt action against Gaddafi right away.  Uh huh.

I really miss Ronald Reagan.



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