“Patriotic” Dissent?

Originally written 30 September 2005 (After the D.C. anti-war protest)

The pollution has dissipated from the September “anti-war” fruitcake convention in D.C., and it’s time to reflect on their professed message of patriotism. If they are indeed patriotic they sure have a strange way of showing it. They seem to be a bit confused as to the concept of patriotism and what constitutes legitimate dissent. The repertoire of 21st century flower children includes burning the flag, cheering the Taliban and al Qadea, slandering the victims of 9/11 and loathing the military.

To punctuate the latest event, a three-ring circus of moonbats pranced around in their Code Pink tutus, silly skeleton masks, and hoisted the requisite “Bush is Hitler” signs. The “grieving mother” Cindi al Sheehani joined the fray, continuing with her mission of prostituting her brave Soldier son’s memory to the Left.

University academic intelligentsia is chock-full of left-over ‘60s radicals like Ward Churchill, who use their classrooms as bully-pulpits for neo-bolshevism. Their idea of intellectual diversity is to berate and ostracize student apostates who don’t share the same political deformities. Boy, those Ivory Tower Bohemians are sure smarter and more deserving than the “flyover” states, huh?

Not to be outdone, some Hollywood hambones have lent their worldly “expertise” on foreign policy, invoking their own unique angle on civics from any stage available, even if it’s one masquerading as “hurricane relief”.

On that note: Ms. Midler, call your proctologist, he found your head. 

You can’t blame them entirely. Put them on stage in front of a sympathetic audience (no dissent allowed, of course), and they get a sense of relevance that doesn’t exist after the director yells “CUT”!

Let’s not exclude the daily parade of Democratic Party wackjobs and their churlish cohorts who pop up like jack-in-the-boxes in front of the nearest T.V. camera; Charles Rangel: “George Bush is our Bull Connor” , Cynthia McKinney: “The entire ‘Saving Private Lynch in Iraq’ episode was staged by the US military”, Patty Murray: “bin Laden builds day-care facilities…we haven’t done that”, Nancy Pelosi: “Bush guilty of Katrina cover-up”, Sheila Jackson-Lee: “Names like Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Sam and Hurricane Wanda are just too white and, all racial groups should be represented.”, Al Sharpton: “Fidel Castro is a great leader.”, and Louis Farrakhan: “The New Orleans levees were blown up by the government”. 

Dick Durbin, Harry Reid and Howard Dean don’t often pass up the chance to enlighten us with their perspectives, either. They’re frustrated; reduced to hurling playground taunts from the sidelines when the adults are in charge of running the country.
If this fine collection of politicians is indicative of the “leadership” embraced by the Democratic Party, they can expect continued election losses ad infinitum.

The egotistical incompetents of the left would never dare to praise the U.S. or show gratitude for what they’ve got when bizarre, obscene, unappreciative behavior will do.

Never underestimate their ability to ejaculate Bush-bashing or al Qadea apologetics from something as politically unrelated as a hurricane report. When CNN’s Soledad O’Brien commented that Katrina evacuees housed at the Houston Superdome were ‘worse off than beheading victims in Baghdad’, the MSM added one more item to its stupid column.

The left’s “love” for this country orbits around the guaranteed right to spew all the things they hate. Here’s just some of what they hate: The country, (“It’s not worth fighting for”) American history, democracy, President Bush, SUVs, President Bush, people who question their opinions, and oh, did I forget to mention President Bush?
Then there’s the special hate category they’ve reserved for the military; denigrating the sacrifices of those sworn to protect them and reap the benefits without having to put their own lives on the line. The convenience of it all is mind-boggling.  Newsflash: Marching with anti-American/pro-Islamofascist signs and screaming the usual recitations in a free country doesn’t take a lot of guts. 

For all of the bluster, they would never, for one minute, live under the system they advocate. Their identity is mired in the anti-American neurosis part and parcel to the lunatic fringe. If their intention is to reflect their patriotism, the method could use some work.

Maybe it’s just their version of ‘destroying democracy in order to save it’.

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