Pennsylvania Forced to Remove Inflated Numbers of COVID-Attributed Deaths

Biggest hoax in history. It has a death rate of seasonal influenza.

The Daily Wire

Pennsylvania has had to remove hundreds of coronavirus deaths from its official death count this week, following questions of accuracy and highlighted discrepancies by area coroners.

The PA health department decided to include “probable” coronavirus deaths, or an assumed COVID-19-related death without testing for the virus, to their death tolls, dating back days and even weeks ago. But the death toll spike raised questions from coroners who came forward to highlight a discrepancy in death totals, which were not adding up to the number of all-cause deaths.

The scrutiny triggered multiple revisions and statements from the department, including the removal of 200 “probable” COVID-19 deaths and a claim of computer “glitching.”

“Pennsylvania started to include ‘probable deaths’ in its fatalities. As a result, the total number of coronavirus deaths grew by 276, then 360, in successive nights, almost doubling the number of deaths in the state in two days,” a Fox News report explained. ” The Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) subsequently removed 200 deaths from its count after facing mounting questions about the accuracy of the count.”

Health Secretary Rachel Levine, who decided to include “probable deaths” in the department’s total count, acknowledged to the Philadelphia Inquirer that such deaths may change over time.

“We realize that this category can be confusing since it does change over time,” Levine told the outlet.

“At times, there are things we need to review, and potentially revisit the way the data is being analyzed,” she said. “And this is one of those times.”

It’s unclear when the department started including probable deaths in the COVID-19 death tolls. Though Levine announced Tuesday that such deaths would be included, “department spokesperson Nate Wardle told the Inquirer that ‘probable deaths’ had been included in the count far earlier than that,” Fox noted. Wardle, however, later retracted the statement to align with Levine’s announcement.

And it was weeks ago when questions concerning accuracy bubbled to the surface, as coroners highlighted discrepancies.

“There’s a discrepancy in the numbers,” said Charles E. Kiessling Jr., president of the Pennsylvania Coroners Association and coroner in Lycoming County. “I’m not saying there’s something going on… I’m not a conspiracy theory guy. But accuracy is important.


The pattern of inflated numbers started with the dire predictions and went out of control from there. The very agency that should be providing level-headed, common sense information—the CDC—was also revealed to be pushing bloated COVID-related fatalities.

Critical care for cancer patients is being put on hold. EMTs are being instructed not to transport people in cardiac arrest to emergency rooms. It’s COVIDIOCY in action.

The people in this country, especially the ones who dove head first into the government-induced panic, should remember the calamitous impact it made. 

When the country regains some sanity, the media and the politicians who pushed this frantic behavior will forget all about the economic damage and the lives lost with their overreaction. We won’t. 



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