Pentagon to Create ‘Cyber Command’

In the wake of the latest cyber attack by the Chinese the Pentagon will be tasked with creating a “Cyber Command” to counter all the hacking into DOD computer networks.  This should have been done a long time ago.

There are ‘plans to create a new military command to coordinate the defense of Pentagon computer networks and improve U.S. offensive capabilities in cyberwarfare’

The initiative will reshape the military’s efforts to protect its networks from attacks by hackers, especially those from countries such as China and Russia. The new command will be unveiled within the next few weeks, Pentagon officials said.

The move comes amid growing evidence that sophisticated cyberspies are attacking the U.S. electric grid and key defense programs.

A page-one story in The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday reported that hackers breached the Pentagon’s biggest weapons program, the $300 billion Joint Strike Fighter, and stole data.

……Lockheed Martin Corp., the project’s lead contractor, said in a statement Tuesday that it believed the article “was incorrect in its representation of successful cyber attacks” on the F-35 program.

“To our knowledge, there has never been any classified information breach,” the statement said.
The Journal story didn’t say the stolen information was classified.,2933,517384,00.html

The problem is, they probably don’t know exactly how much information—classified or not— has been breached.
The battlespace has expanded to include internet security. The possibility of a hostile interruption of electronic and power grids is very real.

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