People’s Republic of Madison Holds “White Privilege Conference”

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

—Abraham Maslow

From Breitbart.

More details are emerging about what was presented at the “White Privilege Conference” held in Madison, Wisconsin, where tax money was spent to train teachers how to annihilate “white privilege” and “white supremacy” in American schools. One session insisted that whites can never be cured of their permanent racist attitudes.

On March 30, Breitbart reported on the conference, now in its fifteenth year. Over these years, teachers have been told that whites have been pushing “white supremacy” on kids since the country was created, and that whites are so infused with racism that they aren’t even cognizant of their crimes.

The latest conference pushing this propaganda was held in Madison between March 25 and 29. A Wisconsin reporter tried to gain access to the event, but hosts denied him entrance.

However, another reporter was able to gain access without being discovered. Nick Novak of Wisconsin’s MacIver Institute attended the event and found in one session that teachers were being told that white people are like “alcoholics” with their racism. They will never be cured of it but will always be racists at heart.

Kim Radersma, a former high school English teacher in California and Colorado, was the leader of a breakout session entitled “Stories from the Front Lines of Education: Confessions of a White, High School English Teacher.” During the session, she told the teachers and administrators that “being a white person who does anti-racist work is like being an alcoholic.” She went on to say, “I will never be recovered by my alcoholism, to use the metaphor. I have to everyday [sic] wake up and acknowledge that I am so deeply imbedded with racist thoughts and notions and actions in my body that I have to choose everyday [sic] to do anti-racist work and think in an anti-racist way.”

Radersma, who is working toward her Ph. D. in critical whiteness studies at Brock University in Ontario, Canada, also trained the attendees to think that all education should be taught with a political agenda.

“If you don’t want to work for equity, get the fuck out of education,” she said. “If you are not serious about being an agent of change that helps stifle the oppressive systems, go find another job. Because you are a political figure.”

‘Critical whiteness studies”?? Oh dear gawd. Radersma, how ’bout you get the fuck out of here.

Our tax dollars paid for this bullshit:

This runs contrary to the excuse that event organizers gave Wisconsin reporter Adam Tobias as a reason to bar him from the event. Tobias was told that the event was “private” and not funded by tax dollars. Therefore, it was not a public, political event open to reporters, they said.

The event was held at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center and was provided with an $18,375 booking event assistance payment, money that came from a fund drawn from local hotel room tax revenue.

Also, several local school districts paid thousands of dollars in registration fees, hotel stays, and transportation costs for teachers and administrators to attend.

Those are also tax dollars.

Furthermore, some of the workshops sponsored by this year’s White Privilege Conference are quite political. The event offered such workshops as “Against the Tea Party Movement,” “If You Build It, They Will Come: Developing a Pre K-12 Curricular Scope and Sequence for Whiteness and Anti-Racism,” and “Climate-Change-Mind-Set: Replacing White Liberalism with Racial Justice as Our Communities Organize in Response to Climate Change.”

According to these lowlifes, racism bears only one skin color; white. How fucking racist.  No one does racism like the left, and I’ve seen plenty of racism on the part of minorities.

Like I said, Don’t think for one minute that they mind keeping the poor and minorities in their place. It gives them a demographic to exploit while mouthing platitudes about evil rich (white) corporate owners versus the workers. The myth of the Left being for the working class and minorities has been wrung for all it’s worth. It’s part and parcel of a party that uses exploitation as a campaign pitch for a target audience; a monolithic, easily manipulated voting bloc that is all too willing to participate.

Minorities are kept on the Dem plantation through dependency, poverty, and the bigotry of low expectations. Yet the punk ass dopes blindly follow the ideology.

Newsflash for the “white privilege” crowd: There isn’t one ethnic group on this earth who hasn’t been kicked around or done its own kicking. Radersma may have a terminal case of white guilt, but I have no reason to feel guilty. I will never apologize for my ancestry, heritage, or skin color. Get over it. And incidentally, it’s human nature to be prejudiced and wary of others, regardless of color. It’s part of thousands of years of survival and evolution.

Where in the hell is all this privilege I’m supposed to have because I’m white? My environment was far from prosperous. I come from a working class family in a racially diverse neighborhood. My mother raised 7 kids, mostly by herself. We all worked. My two older sisters worked two part time jobs, and my mother worked to make ends meet. It was a hell of a struggle. I joined the Army at the age of 18 and served a total of 30 years (20 Active, 10 reserve).  My skin color didn’t exempt me from two combat tours in Iraq. My Associates Degree was earned at a community college because that’s all my GI Bill and pocket could afford. My pension is still not enough to cover all the bills, but I still have Social Security to look forward to. Whoopie. No one gave me a free meal ticket because I’m “white”.

Tell you what Kim,  kiss my bare white ass.



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