Phony Soldier ‘Jessie MacBeth’ Rants Again

A background:

Jesse Adam Macbeth (b. Jesse Adam Al-Zaid, in 1984) is a civilian anti-war protester who falsely claimed to be an Army Ranger and veteran of the Iraq War. He lied in alternative media interviews that he and his unit routinely committed war crimes in Iraq.

Transcripts of the video were made in English and Arabic. According to the U.S. Army, there is no record of Macbeth being a Ranger, or serving in a combat unit: he was discharged from the service after having been declared unfit or unsuitable for the Army, or both, before he could complete basic training.

After his release from the Army in 2004, Macbeth purported himself to be a veteran, telling war stories and garnering attention from mainstream, alternative and student media outlets. He joined Iraq Veterans Against the War in January of 2006, and represented, or was scheduled to represent them publicly at various events throughout the country; the organization has since said it does not endorse Macbeth or his accounts of military service.

Accounts in Macbeth’s name appear on and, and both were used to post claims about military service in Iraq. On September 21, 2007 Macbeth admitted in federal court that he had faked his war record. U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Sullivan declared that Macbeth had been in the Army for just 44 days and had been dismissed as unfit.


Simply put, “Jesse MacBeth” is lying poser.

Someone purporting to be the very ‘Jesse MacBeth’ in question, recently popped up on a website called “AboveTopSecret” to ramble incoherently, and with bad grammar and spelling to boot.

This is how the site describes itself: is the Internet’s largest and most popular discussion board community dedicated to the intelligent exchange of ideas and debate on a wide range of “alternative topics” such as conspiracies, UFO’s, paranormal, secret societies, political scandals, new world order, terrorism, and dozens of related topics with an impressive demographic mix of members.


So, that should give you a good idea of the types of tin-foil hatted people on there, and prepare you for the following.

The moniker given for the post was “dryken1”, but he claims to be ‘Jesse MacBeth’. 

If this is a parody, bravo!  If it isn’t, it still makes for an interesting study of what happens when a lunatic’s mind goes wandering off without a chaperone:

posted on 23-1-2008 @ 02:47 PM

I am Jesse Macbeth, this my response to the world

well, iam fresh out of prison, and i see the world is still discussion me mostly bashing me, for the things that i have said i deserve it. but i know alot of you have been wanting to know the truth have been wanting to know why i did and said the things i did. first off let me say i had no ideah it would get this big i had no ideah it would become internation and that was not my intention. i simply wanted to get back at the army for the way they treated me in basic training. basic is hard but for me it was even harder. i dont exspect any of you to believe any of this because my credabilty is already shot but here is the truth. take it are leave it. iam muslim and have been most of my life. my family was muslim. i grew up in saudi arabia for the first seven years of my life. i joined the army an american muslim proud of my country and wanting to make a difference i knew that i could be an asset to operation in iraq because iam muslim i speak arabic, i can read it and write it, and i know the culture. i was also homeless at that point in my life. i joined the army a proud man. but it seemed the army wasent so proud to have me. the first week of basic everything went ok besides being smoked and drilled to exhaustion there were no out of orinary issues. intil during the secound one of my drill dgt (ds martin) appraoched me in the training bay in front of all the other iet soldiers in my platoon took the quran off my bunk spit in it and threw it across the room yelling “muslims dont belong in my army” and madde me crawl in his words” like the muslim dog i was” to get my holy book. i was upset but again i wanted so bad to be part of something. all my life i was eigther in grouphomes homeless are in jail. i wanted to change that and this was my chance so i took the the racial slurs and religiouse slurs know that it wouold all end in 7 more weeks. but it only got worse during the 3 week of basic in the few hrs that we get to sleep i was pulled down from my bunk by my drill sgt. i was on the top bunk so the fall took the wind from me. he a and a couple of other iet soldiers beat me badly strip my cloths from me and tied me to the poll naked in the training bay. for the next 2 days i was tied there naked. pages of my quran were ripped out and shoved down my throat. bacon was shoved down my thrat. cold water was dumped on me. i was called hajji, sand ‘n-word’, and several other slurs. i was repeatedly punched kicked and spit on while i was tied i did not sleep for the days i was tied to the poll and i had to urniated on myself. i had open wounds and cuts on my face and all over mybody the only nourishment i got were the words of allah. that was enough to get me through it. on the mourning of the third day i was rleased told to shower and clean the bay. i still dident know why they singled me out. i was on there side a black muslim american. trying to help and make a difference. but to them i was just a muslim i was just the enemy. i was hurt and scared and i began to hate them for the things they did to me. the drill sgt knew i was not gonna keep quite about what happen so he threatened me he said that if i said anything he would kill me and make it look like an accident on the feild. at the point in my life i dident care anymore what he did to me. i went to the chaplin and told him what happened. he dident belive me despite how beaten and battered my body was despite showing him my ripped and torn quran. i wasnt to the battilion comander and he braught in the drill sgt martin. i was afraid of him afriad of all of them. he dident belive me eigther his words were. “why shoul;d i believe you a pvt over a mant hat has 17yrs in the army and no blemish on his record” and i was sent away after drill sgt martin called me a liar several times. later that night he stood me infrom of all the training platoons on sandhill and told them iam the enemy iam the reason why we are fighting my people were responable for 911
out of sapce……


Go to the site if you want to read the whole craptastic psycho-sexual fantasy. I could only stomach the first couple of sentences before I had to put on my bullshit waders.

What. A. Nutbag.

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