Piers Morgan: CNN’s Anti-Second Amendment Blowhard

Nothing like a Limey pussy spouting off about our Bill of Rights. He’s managed to piss off two countries simultaneously, and neither one wants him.

From Breitbart.

Watch Piers Morgan lose his composure, phony pose of impartiality, and thinner-than-thin veneer of civility when confronted with the facts and logic that blow a hole in his absurd and dangerous position on gun control:


……night after night after night, he insults his miniscule audience with his phony pose as an objective journalist and interviewer.

No one likes to be lied to and hustled by the likes of a CNN or Morgan, including liberals, which is why they flock to MSNBC.

Also, Morgan’s just a preening, sanctimonious jerk who obviously can’t deal with being challenged. He’s a thinner Keith Olbermann with a British accent.

In 2004, Morgan was fired by the Daily Mirror for publishing fake photos of British soldiers who appeared to be abusing an Iraqi prisoner.  He justified the hoax by saying:  “I feel like it was a moral duty….”

Morality, like the truth, is relative when it comes to a douche bag like Morgan.  It’s that Dan Rather ‘fake but accurate’ style of journalism.

Armed American patriots kicked the Brit’s asses in the Revolutionary War, which still sticks in the craw of pompous pricks like Morgan who wish we were still the ‘Colonies’.

It was a gun-toting United States that made sure Britain wasn’t annexed to Germany in WWI and WWII.  Yet their ex-patriot excrement are the first to damn us for defending our individual liberties.

Morgan will find out the hard way that American citizens won’t tolerate his ‘gun control’ bullshit any more than we will Obama’s out-of-control, power grabbing regime.

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