Post Election: A Running Tab of Leftwing Bullies and Thugs

From Campus Reform

Twitter threats land Rutgers prof in loony bin

A Rutgers University professor was forced to undergo psychological evaluation after he threatened to murder white Americans as a way of testing their affinity for the Second Amendment.

In a Tweet written shortly after election day, adjunct professor Kevin Allred, who is apparently known for his “politicizing Beyonce” course, threatened to shoot white Second Amendment supporters to test their commitment to the tenet.

“Will the Second Amendment be as cool when I buy a gun and start shooting at random white people or no?” he apparently wrote, though he was since forced to delete the tweet after Twitter, in an unprecedented crackdown on anti-Trump propaganda, temporarily suspended his account.

Allred, though, has since claimed that he “didn’t want to delete it” because he stands by “the fact [that] it’s protected speech.”

Consequently, after multiple complaints were filed about Allred’s behavior to Rutgers’ police department, local New Jersey authorities escorted him from his home to a nearby psych ward where he was required to submit to a psychological evaluation.

Although he was ultimately cleared by doctors, he continues to defend his actions as in accordance with his “fucking First Amendment rights” and attributes the fallout to President-elect Donald Trump’s apparent crackdown on free speech.

Here’s my fucking First Amendment rights: Bring it, mutherfucker.  Lots of white people are armed and we shoot back.

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