Post Rittenhouse Trial: The Leftwingnut Meltdowns Are Glorious



Following the recent ruling in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial which found him not guilty on all charges, leftists across social media have begun having a collective meltdown.

……As the news Rittenhouse’s innocence was announced, left-wing politicians, commentators, pundits, celebrities, and professors posted about the verdict across social media:

This is coming from the current mayor of a Dem-controlled cesspool of murder, assault, and random violence. He needs to sit this one out.

He’s a Bishop?

Nadler, who is one biscuit away from 500lbs, is also a complete moron.  There is no evidence that Wendy Rittenhouse drove her son to Kenosha, and no evidence that her son was armed when he left their Illinois home for Kenosha.

Rittenhouse did not “cross state lines” with the weapon. Dominick David Black, Rittenhouse’s friend, bought the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle for 17-year-old Rittenhouse in Wisconsin, The Washington Post reported. The rifle was reportedly purchased in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, with Rittenhouse’s money and stored by Black’s stepfather in Wisconsin. Rittenhouse lived in Antioch, Illinois, but attended the protest in Wisconsin. Black’s stepfather gave Rittenhouse the gun to take to the protest.

Rittenhouse shot white people in self defense. I’m a proud Bill of Rights supremacist.

Totally forgot that one of the thugs who attacked Rittenhouse had a gun and pointed it right at Rittenhouse.


Blake was not unarmed, nor was he killed.

The Award for Best Drama Queen goes to:



The UK Independent Daily falsely claimed Rittenhouse shot three black men:

The Independent falsely claimed that Kyle Rittenhouse shot three black men after he was acquitted of all charges Friday for shooting three white men in self-defense during the August 2020 Kenosha, Wisconsin, riots.

“Full story: Teenager who shot three black men with rifle found not guilty on all charges,” the Independent wrote in a bullet point on the main page of its website Friday. The error was quickly corrected, although the outlet did not publicly acknowledge or apologize for the mistake.


……Journalist Glenn Greenwald said that the same error had occurred in numerous Brazilian newspapers as well as in a Dutch publication Friday.


“The largest media outlets in Brazil this week had to retract their articles on the Rittenhouse case because they claimed it was a case of a white youth having shot and killed two black men. They got this from the US media, which deliberately cultivated this false narrative,” Greenwald wrote.

GOP lawmakers praise the common sense outcome:


Even Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), got it right:

Everything lefties disagree with is “racism”. Every one who disputes their ideology is a “white supremacist”. Hackneyed trope is


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