Pro-Palestinian Protesters Storm, Occupy Capitol Rotunda

Why haven’t the trigger-happy capitol cops beaten or shot them?

Fox5 DC

The Cannon House Office Building holds several House Committee and congressional offices.

U.S. Capitol Police say that demonstrations are not allowed inside Congressional buildings and are working to clear the crowd. Police have already detained some individuals as chants of “ceasefire now” are echoing around the building.

USCP also said more protesters are now walking in the roadway around the House side of the Capitol Complex and they have begun temporary rolling road closures for safety.

……The protest began on the National Mall and eventually made its way to the building, which is situated at Independence Ave. and New Jersey Ave. adjacent to the Capitol Building.

Wednesday’s protest appears to be associated with the group Jewish Voice for Peace.

There have been several protests around the D.C. area in recent days as the war between Israel and Hamas continues.

……Fencing went up overnight around parts of the U.S. Capitol ahead of the planned protest but crowds surged into the Cannon building.


Daily Mail

Pro-Palestinian protestors are taking over the U.S. Capitol as hundreds demand a ceasefire between Hamas terrorists in Gaza and Israel.

The demonstration comes a day after a bombing of a hospital in Gaza killed at least 500 Palestinians.

The protestors, dressed in black shirts that read ‘JEWS SAY CEASEFIRE NOW’  and ‘NOT IN OUR NAME’ took over the large rotunda in the Cannon House Office Building.

The demonstrators held posters with messages like ‘LET GAZA LIVE’ and ‘MOURN THE DEAD, AND FIGHT LIKE HELL FOR THE LIVING.’

Capitol Police made 100 arrests as the group got louder and more disruptive with chants and singing.

BTW: Jewish anti-Zionist group that overran U.S. House building is linked to BDS movement, liberal funders.


Why are they not being rounded up and thrown into Biden’s gulag?



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