Promises Kept: American Embassy Opens in Jerusalem

The US Embassy is now in Jerusalem, the true capital of Israel.

He not only sends a message to Iran but to Russia as well, that the U.S. is back as a dominant regional player after the Obama years. He recognizes the reality that everyone else in the west willingly blinds themselves to – and that is that Jerusalem is the one and only capital of Israel.

—-Judge Jeanine Pirro

Via Hannity:

The United States fulfilled decades of foreign policy promises Monday, officially opening the American embassy in the heart of Jerusalem and declaring the holy city the capital of the Jewish State.

President Trump delivered a pre-recorded speech to dignitaries and officials gathered at the opening ceremony; saying the United States’ “greatest hope is for peace” throughout the Middle East.

“We are opening ​the embassy many, many years ahead of schedule. As I said in December, our greatest hope is for peace. The U.S. remains fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement,” said the President.

“We extend a hand in friendship to Israel, Palestinians and all of their neighbors. May there be peace,” he added. “This city and its entire nation is a testament to the unbreakable strength of the Jewish people.”


And of course, the Dems are being their usual douchebag selves, by refusing to send representatives to this historical event.

What a contrast to Obama’s apology tours, execrable treatment of allies, pandering to enemies, and habit of ingratiating himself before the U.N.

President Trump took the bold stance of officially recognizing Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel.  Immediately, muzzie and liberal heads exploded.

After eight years of Barky’s despicable treatment of Israel, we have a President that recognizes the importance of maintaining relations with America’s only democratic ally in the Middle East.




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4 thoughts on “Promises Kept: American Embassy Opens in Jerusalem”

  1. Democrats prove once again that they only believe in themselves. The party of the Godless is a stench upon the air. They do not believe in God, Democracy, Freedom, America, Israel nor the truth. Their platform is “We are the Way” and all others are false doctrines. These last 2 years has seen the exposure of the depravity and corruption of the Democratic Party. It’s banner should be a toxic waste symbol. May these pompous, blustering, self serving, dishonest shitbags rot in hell for eternity.

    1. Hey Laffaz! Israel is the land promised by God to His people, not to non-Jewish late comers, terrorists and murderers. The only ones guilty of occupation are the non-Jews living in the land of Abraham. These peoples could be tolerated if it weren’t for their violent leaders and outside influences that want nothing less than the total destruction of Israel. My hat is off to the tolerance shown by Israeli leadership. I also stand with them in the belief that if someone wants to destroy you you should destroy them first. The day of reckoning is at hand and Gods chosen people will kick your ass and any that stand against them. May that day arrive swiftly.

  2. Amen! Clinton, Bush, and Obama all promised this – but only Trump delivered it. So why weren’t Democrats there? That’s right, there hate for Trump outweighs their love of America.

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