Public Radio Staffer Bringin’ the Hate to Soldiers

The leftwing douchebags in this country have a habit of denigrating the very military that protects their freedoms and upholds the Constitution that guarantees those freedoms.  A standard insult is the “get a real job”, “you joined just for the paycheck” meme.

Here’s another example.

From BizPac Review.

An employee of a public radio station in New York has been fired after the Washington Free Beacon reported on emails sent from the station’s official account criticizing a Republican congressman and U.S. Army veteran.

One of the emails told Rep. Chris Gibson (R., N.Y.), a former Army colonel who served four combat tours in Iraq, to “find a real job like the rest of us and not live off the taxpayers [sic] money as he has done his whole life.”

The Free Beacon reported on the emails, sent by a staffer at WIOX radio, last week. Its parent radio station, Binghamton-based WSKG, said on Saturday that the employee responsible for the emails has been fired.

“On October 1st, 2014, WSKG became aware through media reports of an email sent to the Gibson Campaign from a WIOX email address containing a personal attack. On October 2nd, immediately upon identification, the individual suspected of writing the email was suspended, pending a complete investigation. We have apologized to Congressman Gibson through his office and the responsible party will be terminated. Although free dialogue and lively debate is an important part of our political culture, these statements clearly went beyond what is acceptable in the political arena and crossed over into the personal. For the attacks leveled against Congressman Gibson and his honorable service to the country, we again apologize.”

Leftist groups, artists, college students and politicians reserve a special hatred for the military.  And gawd forbid that us “crazy” vets would enjoy the rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment.

At least one leftwingnut at MSNBC admits the Left has a visceral hatred of the military.

I’d love to take a copy of one of my Army LES’s (leave and earnings statement), which includes the section listing all the taxes I paid, and shove it right up that staffer’s ass. I served two tours in Iraq and a total of 30 years in the Army (10 reserve, 20 active). I led troops and was responsible for their training as well as a myriad of other tasks and duties that came with the rank, not the paycheck. My pay was about equal to a Congressman’s lunch tab. Believe me, it’s as real as a job gets. But, consider the source. It’s “public” radio, which is rife with liberal stupidity.

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