Question Al Gore and Get Censored

Hat Tip to Say Anything Blog.

Phelim McAleer, the director of the documentary Not Evil, Just Wrong attended one of Al Gore’s press conferences, where Gore actually took questions from journalists for a change.  The British director asked Gore some tough questions about his flawed “global warming” film,  An Inconvenient Truth.


The journalist had his mic cut off by fellow journalists, sympathetic to the moonbat at the “climate change” pulpit.

A parent in Britain brought a lawsuit over Gore’s film being shown to schoolchildren, on the grounds that it’s propaganda, not scientific fact.  Gore claimed that the British court found in his favor, which is an convenient lie. Instead, the court found that Gore’s  Inconvenient Truth contained numerous scientific errors and omissions that he used to create exagerated claims.,8599,1670882,00.html

This man-made “climate change” bullshit has been debunked repeatedly by reputable scientists, and nature itself.

Gore’s 15 minutes of fame keeps getting an extention thanks to liberal media cranks and politically-motivated scientists who know they’re tools, but as long as the funds keep coming, they don’t care.

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