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On a Patterico blog:

To the commenter above who says Joe’s a big liar because the business he wants to buy doesn’t make $250K. If you run a business, you do so with the intention of making it grow. You market. You bang on doors. You buy ads. You hire good people. You broaden your skill base so you can meet the needs of more people. And consequently, you start to make more money than you did before you bought the business.

Running a business is not the same as having a job where you’re limited by what people tell you that you can do. That’s the whole point of owning your business: It’s about freedom, and it’s simultaneously refreshing, exciting, and scary.

I love running a business, even a small one. But I hate the idea that the arch-lefties in the Democrat party will caricature me as a fat cat in spats, throwing wads of cash into the fire to warm my spotty behind, the moment I get some measure of success.

Comment by SK — 10/17/2008 @ 6:26 am (#178)


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