Racist Spike Lee Tweets Wrong Zimmerman Address

Thug Spike Lee retweeted the wrong address of a residence purported to be that of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch guy who shot Trayvon Martin.  He had the wrong Zimmerman.

With Twitter and Facebook continuing to explode with posts purporting to contain the address of George Zimmerman, property records and interviews reveal that the home is actually the longtime residence of a married Florida couple, both in their 70s, who have no connection to the man who killed Trayvon Martin and are now living in fear due to erroneous reports about their connection to the shooter.

The mass dissemination of the address on Edgewater Circle in Sanford–the Florida city where Martin was shot to death last month–took flight last Friday when director Spike Lee retweeted a tweet containing Zimmerman’s purported address to his 240,000 followers.

The original tweet was sent to Lee (and numerous other celebrities like Will Smith, 50 Cent, and LeBron James) last Friday afternoon by Marcus Davonne Higgins, a 33-year-old Los Angeles man who uses the online handle “maccapone.” Higgins included the direction, “EVERYBODY REPOST THIS.”

Higgins, pictured below, first began disseminating the Sanford address to his Twitter followers last Wednesday, including the claim that Zimmerman “Like the fat punk he is, he still lives at home with mommie & daddy.” In a simultaneous post to his Facebook wall, Higgins told his 4000 friends, “FEEL FREE TO REACH OUT & TOUCH HIM.” He also claimed in another post that, “REAL TALK MY PEOPLE OUT THERE IN FLORIDA JUST TOLD ME GEORGE ZIMMERMAN IS NOT AT HIS HOUSE THEY OUT THERE RIGHT NOW.”

Higgins’s dissemination of Zimmerman’s purported Edgewater Circle address was not, however, limited to cyberspace. At a protest rally last Thursday in an L.A. park near his Crenshaw home, Higgins held a sign containing Zimmerman’s name, address, and phone number.

Except, of course, none were accurate.

The man who shot Martin is George Michael Zimmerman. Higgins has repeatedly identified him as “George W. Zimmerman.”

The residence on Edgewater Circle is actually the home of David McClain, 72, and his wife Elaine, 70. The McClains, both of whom work for the Seminole County school system, have lived in the 1310-square-foot lakefront home for about a decade, records show.


How about tweeting the addresses of the race-baiting thugs all over the fucking cyber universe. 

Here’s where you can start:
Marcus Davonne Higgins
3521 W 63rd St
Apt 2
Los Angeles, CA 90043

Here’s Lee’s:

Spike Lee
153 E 63rd St
Apt 55
New York, NY 10065

And Sharpton’s:

Al Sharpton
200 W 72nd St
Apt 7H
New York, NY 10023

And Calypso Loony Louis:

Louis Farrakhan
4855 S Woodlawn Ave
Chicago, IL 60615

And Jesse’s:

Jesse Jackson
6828 S Constance Ave
Chicago, IL 60649

Feel free to “reach out and touch them”.

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