Radical Black Activists, Hate Speech, Violence, and the New Race War

Obama’s pals in the New Black Panthers are calling for a race war.

Below is a recording from a conference phone call for the New Black Panthers’  “Trayvon Martin April 9th National Day of action protest”. It’s chock full of violent, racist, hate-filled speech.

“Suit up and boot up….Kill whitey, honkey, pink people, cracker…”


Another group of black thugs in Baltimore decided to jump a white man on his way home from a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. They posted their hate crime on YouTube for posterity.

In Gainsville, Florida, a gang of black thugs attacked a 27 year-old white man at random, shouting “Trayvon” before they beat him.

Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah (“God damn America”) Wright, has just spewed more racist bullshit, Black Liberation Theology, bat-shit crazy history revisions, and class warfare, in new sermons.
This turd is a laugh a minute.

The Blaze

“I’m not divisive, the media is divisive,” he said, going on to lament the soundbites he claims were unfairly used to disparage him during the 2008 campaign.

……He went on to speak about Jesus and Pontius Pilate in John 18 in the Bible, saying that they were speaking “two different languages.“ This sermon quickly delved into his belief that ”the Italian army — Roman soldiers“ were ”occupying Palestinian territory.”

……The controversial preacher also showed no love for Justice (Clarence) Thomas, as he told his audience that, though Thomas “looks like” them, he is “worshipping some other God.” He also made an intriguing comparison about the God of the Hebrew Bible and the Lord depicted in the Quran.

“The god of racists is not the God of righteousness. The god of the greedy is not the God of grace. The god of Wall Street is not the God of Main Street,” Wright proclaimed. “Those are two different gods and I ain’t talking about Allah and Yahweh. Those are the same names for the same God.”

He continued, taking a jab at Thomas and his Christian faith.

“And I’m not talking about black and white…some of ya‘ll think I’m talking about white folk,” he said. “There’s a whole lot of folk who look like you who are worshipping some other God — somebody shout Clarence Thomas. Hallelujah!”

……“I am in the text. Pilate was European…Jesus was not European. They live in a world shaped by European standards of beauty, shaped by Moynihan studies, shaped by bell curves — they live in a different world from your world all together,” he told the audience. “They are ignorant and arrogant and these are graduates of Harvard and Yale setting policies over you based on the stupidity of David Hume…Voltaire, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Thomas Jefferson — a pedophile — Theodore Roosevelt and a racist Supreme Court.”

But he wasn’t done there.

“The ignorance and arrogance of white supremacy have the movers and shapers of world policy living in a different world from people of color all together,” Wright raged on. “And the sooner you realize that the better off you’re gonna be.”

Assholes like Wright are why I avoid institutionalized religion.

Van Jones, Obama’s former ‘Green Czar’ and avowed communist radical, blames the Trayvon Martin shooting on the “Koch brothers and mainstream corporations”.  According to Jones and the rest of the wild-assed radicals,  ‘rich, powerful crackas’ at the top are responsible for all of the malfeasance, gang-banging, and other rampant crimes in the black community.  The Koch brothers are conservative and wealthy; which makes them a favorite target of leftwingnuts.  George Soros, a wealthy, corrupt, socialist megalomaniac escapes their wrath because that particular “rich, powerful cracka” happens to support their causes.

Newsflash for all the stupid, illiterate, uneducated, race pimps who think we’re impressed with their raised fists and “kill whitey” bullshit: You are a fucking joke.  You couldn’t follow through on your little race war if you tried. Do you know how many people in this country own guns? Bring it you racist muthafuckas. I’m armed and I will shoot.



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  1. willie Lynch

    dont know who has this site, but I like it, I agree, these nigs are all talk, bring it on

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