Rep Melissa Bean (D) Il-8 Uses Thug to Intimidate at TownHall Meeting

Rep Melissa Bean (D) Il-8, thinks that her constituents are to be cowered into silence when she sees fit.

Hat Tip to Riehl World View

After a closed-door, pre-event meeting between Rep Melissa Bean (D) Il-8 and staff of the Round Lake Area Public Library, a man alleged to be the hulking head of library security repeatedly took an intimidating stance, standing over questioners who raised controversial issues. Other library management attempted to dissuade an attendee from video taping what was purportedly a public townhall event. Rather than stop the intimidation, Bean appeared rather pleased with it based upon her smiling acknowledgment. Video below.


Rep. Melissa Bean  has a troubling history involving townhalls. She’s also one of a few Democrats uninterested in disbursing Charlie Rangel cash to charity, as other Dems have done. Now, via video below and at Gateway Pundit, she seems to be resorting to intimidation and censorship to prevent questions from being asked at alleged public townhall events.

Call Round Lake , Il Library and demand and explanation. Phone: (847) 546-7060
Fax: (847) 546-7104
Contact info for Rep. Bean’s offices:
Schaumburg Office  Washington, D.C. Office
1701 East Woodfield Road, Suite200
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Phone: (847) 517-2927
Fax: (847) 517-2931
432 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-3711
Fax: 202-22

I would have stood up and told that thug he has one of two options: get out of my face or lose some teeth.
I called the Library Director and left a message. I wanted to know if it was standard procedure for the library to use thugs to intimidate constituents during TownHall meetings.  I also said that Bean needs to understand that she works for her constituents, not the other way around. 
If I get  response, I’ll post it here.

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  1. On Thursday, August 12, I was there at the meeting with Representative Melissa Bean (IL-8) that was held at the Round Lake Library. The meeting was billed as a Financial Education seminar to teach citizens how to manage their credit card debt. What happened at this …meeting was anything but educational. During the meeting, which I attended, citizens started to ask questions about jobs, government spending and the federal deficit. As you can see from the video, every time a citizen would attempt to ask a question, Melissa Bean’s THUG, who we were told worked for the Round Lake Library, would walk over to that person and hover over them to intimidate them. This went on during the course of the entire meeting without Bean saying a word about the blatant intimidation she knew her constituents must be feeling.

    It is obvious from Bean’s obfuscation that she chose this type of forum so she would not have to answer any direct questions about her voting record. Instead of having an open Town hall forum where citizens are free to have a dialogue with their Representative, Bean chose to have a representative from the Illinois State Treasury come in and lecture her constituents on how they should pay down their credit card debt and start saving. How ironic when the Federal Government has spent over 13 Trillion dollars and the majority of the states are on the verge of bankruptcy.

    I, along with many others in attendance, felt that every attempt to ask Bean a question was either “shut down” by Bean personally or through the intimidation tactics of her THUG. Is this the type of “transparency” we were promised? Why does Bean feel that Thuggery is acceptable?

    If you don’t approve of Bean’s tactics, please DONATE to Joe Walsh her opponent at Bean is well financed and Walsh isn’t. Money for Joe will help Bean go in November!

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