Right on Cue: Unhinged Libtards Implode Over Tax Reform Bill

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The Left has lost its ever-loving mind.

Well, whatever mind it had left after Donald Trump decidedly beat their queen in the 2016 election.

Considering the tax bill is really the first piece of legislation Congress has been able to pass (which is pathetic in its own right but that’s another story), imagine the number of meltdowns these people are going to have over at least the next three years.

They are freaking out over tax cuts, folks.

Check it out:


……When Americans see more money in their paychecks, especially those in the middle class, Democrats will be done. For years (decades?), Democrats have been lying to the middle class, claiming only the rich see tax breaks and cuts, and this bill proves otherwise.

But good luck with that whole storming the castle thing, unhinged blue check guy.



This Palmer, who ever he is, has his own padded cell next to Kurt Eichenwald and Keith Olbermann in the Funny Farm.



Eichenwald should follow his own advice and un-ass the country.  Lib moonbats rarely carry out their threats to leave. They’d rather stay put, run their mouths, and continue to reap the benefits of being an American citizen.  Funny how that happens.


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