RIP, Randy Pausch

I first saw his “Last Lecture” when Michelle Malkin featured it in one of her posts on her blog.
It was a poignant, no bullshit approach to facing death.

Last August, doctors told Carnegie Mellon University professor Dr. Randy Pausch that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer and only had months to live.

Almost a year later — after his story touched people around the world on the Internet and in a best-selling book — Pausch died Friday at age 47.

“Good Morning America” host Diane Sawyer received a phone call from the family early Friday with the news, and university spokeswoman Anne Watzman confirmed that Pausch died at home in Virginia.

“I think his legacy is probably unbelievable here. He’s had to have touched so many lives,” said CMU employee Doria Martinelli, of Kennedy Township. “I can even remember growing up myself — just, like, my basketball coach or a certain teacher or whatever. This guy here touched people that he never even met, which I just think is unbelievable.”

“I kind of refuse to believe he’s gone,” said student Victor Martinelli. “I don’t want to have to believe that a guy that important to me is passed away, so I’m kind of in denial right now.”

Shortly after being diagnosed, Pausch gave his famous “Last Lecture” at CMU in September 2007. Online video of the inspirational speech has been downloaded millions of times, and Pausch turned it into a book of the same name.

See the video of this great lecture here:

Rest in peace, Randy. Now you can live all the dreams you want.

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