Robert Gates to GOP: Stop Picking on President Punchdrunk

Apparently, Gates thinks it’s unfair to criticize a SCOAMF, even after he wrote a book justifiably slamming Obama’s dicked-up foreign policy.

From Before It’s News.

“I think considerable care needs to be taken in terms of what is said, so that the rhetoric doesn’t threaten what policy can’t deliver,” Gates explained in a telephone interview.

……(asked) what he thought about the criticism of Obama by McCain and Graham. “They’re egging him on” to take actions that may not be effective, Gates warned. He said he “discounted” their deeper argument that Obama had invited the Ukraine crisis by not taking a firmer stand on Syria or other foreign policy issues. Even if Obama had bombed Syria or kept troops in Iraq or otherwise shown a tougher face, “he still would have the same options in Ukraine. Putin would have the same high cards.”

“Egg him on”? That’s funny as hell.  Putin is not afraid of Barky in the least and Obama hasn’t done anything to change that. Besides, you can’t “egg on” a wimp.  Dealing with foreign thugs is a lot tougher than acting like a petty little tyrant at home.

Gates is irritated at Republicans for stating the obvious.

John McCain found his gonads for a change and said:

“This is the ultimate result of a feckless foreign policy where nobody believes in America’s strength anymore.”

Senator Lindsey Graham said:

“The world is never in a better place when you have a weak, indecisive American president. And Russia is a symptom of that weakness. Again, it started with Benghazi. When you kill Americans and nobody pays a price. You invite this type of aggression.”

Matter of fact, Charles Krauthammer sums it up:

Vladimir Putin is a lucky man. And he’s got three more years of luck to come.

He takes Crimea, and Obama says it’s not in Russia’s interest, not even strategically clever. Indeed, it’s a sign of weakness.

Really? Crimea belonged to Moscow for 200 years. Russia annexed it 20 years before Jefferson acquired Louisiana. Lost it in the humiliation of the 1990s. Putin got it back in about three days without firing a shot.

Now Russia looms over the rest of eastern and southern Ukraine. Putin can take that anytime he wants — if he wants. He has already destabilized the nationalist government in Kiev. Ukraine is now truncated and on the life support of U.S. and European money (much of which — cash for gas — will end up in Putin’s treasury anyway).

Hopefully, we’ll get a real leader in 2016 that will act like a president of the United States instead of a doormat for foreign despots.

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