Rush Limbaugh O.K., the Left is Angry and Crestfallen

The news that Rush Limbaugh’s going to be alright, is like throwing a turd in the Left’s cornflakes.

From the press conference:


Rush Limbaugh just addressed the media in Hawaii where he told reporters he did undergo an angiogram, but he’s doing just fine.

He did not suffer a heart attack or any kind of coronary episode and test show nothing wrong.

Limbaugh was hospitalized Wednesday night after experiencing chest pains.

Limbaugh made it a point to thank the staff of the hotel he was staying at, the Kahala Hotel and Resort, and he proclaimed the U.S. has the best health care service in the world.

He called the outpouring of support from fans very “humbling.”

We’re told after the press conference, Rush went back to his room at the Kahala Hotel and Resort.

The moonbats at the Democratic Underground are predictably disappointed:

katandmoon (1000+ posts) Fri Jan-01-10 05:25 PM
What a damn shame

Nikki Stone1 (1000+ posts) Thu Dec-31-09 12:20 AM
I’m not torn at all: Rush Limbaugh has made people poorer and more miserable with his propaganda. 

……*He has aided and abetted the destructive neoconservative movement, the new and vicious religious intolerance of “Christian” fundamentalism, and the wrecking of our political discourse.

*He has been extraordinarily and diabolically effective in getting the suffering working and middle classes to vote against their own self interest, their own financial survival.

……* And he has made himself extraordinarily wealthy while doing so.

I have no problem with him dying and don’t care if others do. And if there’s a hell waiting for him, so much the better, but if not, it doesn’t matter. His death would be a merciful release to the American people, even if they are too brainwashed to realize it right now.

Now that’s funny right there. If only he had a legion of like-minded powerful myrmidons who could force his will on an unwilling, fed-up population.  If only he had power to enforce terrible decisions that affected the country. If only Rush had a fraction of the real diabolical power exibited by their boy Obama.

Luminous Animal (1000+ posts) Thu Dec-31-09 03:03 AM
21. I am an inglorious bastard.


            Die, motherfucker, die.

The chicken footprint is a nice touch.

And the Krazy Kos Kids are adding their frothing 2 cents:

He is fine – I just watched the press conference where he spoke.
Asshole used it to throw a few jabs at HCR too.
“Don’t let anyone tell you we don’t have the best health care in the world” – (paraphrased).
by shrike on Fri Jan 01, 2010 at 01:28:28 PM PST

It really drives them apeshit when someone points out the quality of medical care Americans have without the benefit of authoritarian government-run control.

This stupid MOTHERFUCKER said… “just another dead doper” when Jerry Garcia died. This asshole is beyond any sympathy. Fuck him and I hope he dies. If not of a heart attack of a hospital acquired infection of some sort.
I hope that bitch dies.
by Hind2 on Wed Dec 30, 2009 at 08:41:18 PM PST

OK, knowing that wishing some one to die is an “offense”, I am going to express my views, but please recognize the difference between wishing ill will, and expressing a feeling about a news report.  With that in mind, when I heard the initial news reports that Rush had died, I was very pleased.  When I later heard it wasn’t true, I wasn’t so pleased.  How’s that?
by lighttheway on Fri Jan 01, 2010 at 04:55:13 PM PST

I’m very pleased you’re heartbroken. How’s that?

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