School Security Officer Targets anti-Obama Protester’s Freedom of Speech

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This video was taken on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 at Rep. Jim Moran’s (D-VA) Town Hall meeting on Obama Deathcare (Howie Dean was there too) held at South Lakes High School in Reston, VA.

Many people were left outside when the school filled to capacity. School security officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. did not like my anti-Obamacare poster which used one of the gone-viral “Joker” graphics.

When I said to Officer Cheeks, “This used to be America!” his response was: “It ain’t no more, OK?”


The coordinator of the Fairfax County South Lakes HS program is at this email:

Here’s the link to the Fairfax County page which explains how to “get to know your SRO”

I e-mailed the Fairfax County police homepage and told them this:

This school security police officer did not like the anti-Obama sign, so he took it upon himself to selectively violate the 1st Amendment.  It’s obvious that he based his harassment on race and ideology.  Apparently, he had no problem with any of the pro-Obama supporters. Had the sign holder been a black anti-Bush protester, this would not have happened.   I want to know why one of your  “school resource officers” thought it was his right to infringe upon the rights of others.

When the protester told him: “This used to be America!” his response was: “It ain’t no more, OK?”

Before Obama destroys what’s left of our country, we intend to fight tooth and nail for its survival.  We believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Tell Cheeks that inspite of his braindead ignorance, this IS STILL America.

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