Scottish Officials Lose Track of the Lockerbie Bomber

Oh, I dunno. In all the excitement I forgot to check in with my parole officer…..

The Scottish justice secretary said officials are trying to contact Libyan rebel leaders as part of efforts to track down the Lockerbie bomber.

Kenny MacAskill said attempts are being made to reach the National Transitional Council (NTC) while fighting continues in Tripoli. Mr MacAskill released Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds two years ago after medical advice that the prisoner was three months from death.


As part of the terms, Megrahi is supposed to check in with officials at East Renfrewshire Council, but he has not been reached since fighting broke out in Tripoli. There have been growing calls in the US for Megrahi to be extradited there in the wake of the collapse of the Gaddafi regime.

But yesterday Mr MacAskill said: “Mr Megrahi is a Scottish prisoner. He’s been released on licence in terms of the law that applies in Scotland.

“He remains a Scottish prisoner having been convicted by a Scottish court, albeit one that sat in the Netherlands, but it did so after the intervention of the United Nations, of Nelson Mandela and others, and he was tried by international agreement under the laws of Scotland.”

MacAskill is the same weapons grade idiot who was shocked at the adoring reception that awaited Megrahi as soon as he stepped on Libyan soil.

Newsflash MacAskill, Megrahi hasn’t been a Scottish prisoner since you fucking morons released him back to Libya. If anyone really thinks Libya is going to worry about extraditing his ass back to Scotland, I have a large bridge in Brooklyn for sale….cheap.

All those who pushed for his release; the Scottish authorities, the U.N.,  Mandela, and Obama,  share the responsibility for this. 

Thanks for letting go an Islamic terrorist cuthroat who slaughtered 270 people, 190 of whom were Americans, and 11 residents of Lockerbie.


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