SCOTUS Strikes Down Parts of Voting Rights Act Which Discriminated Against States

Score one for states rights.

From Fox News.

A landmark Supreme Court ruling that struck down a key part of the Voting Rights Act has set up a stand-off between Republican-led states and the Obama administration over controversial voting laws that until now had been stalled. The 5-4 ruling on Tuesday addressed a 1960s-era provision that largely singled out states and districts in the South — those with a history of discrimination — and required them to seek federal permission to change their voting laws. The court ruled that the formula determining which states are affected was unconstitutional.
In doing so, the court potentially opened the door for certain states to proceed with voter ID laws and other efforts that to date had been held up because of the Voting Rights Act. Prominent among those are voter identification laws in Alabama and Mississippi.

……Chief Justice John Roberts Justice argued that these states and the conditions in them have “changed dramatically” over the years.

“The tests and devices that blocked ballot access have been forbidden nationwide for over 40 years. Yet the Act has not eased (Section 5’s) restrictions or narrowed the scope of (Section 4’s) coverage formula along the way. Instead those extraordinary and unprecedented features have been reauthorized as if nothing has changed, and they have grown even stronger,” Roberts wrote.

Exactly. The United States is a vastly different place then it was in 1965. Voting rights are guaranteed for all U.S. citizens, which runs contrary to the Dems’ voting bloc of illegals and voter fraud. States are now free to enforce voting laws without Eric Holder threatening to sue them.

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