Sebelius: ‘Illegal Aliens Will Boost ObamaCare’

From CNS News.

Asked Thursday if the Affordable Care Act will help “undocumented individuals,” Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said no — and that’s why immigration reform is so important:

“Well, the (Obamacare) bill is crafted in such a way that those who are undocumented will not have access to the tax credits or shopping in the (health insurance) marketplace. That has been limited, which is, frankly, why — another very keen reason why we need comprehensive immigration reform,” Sebelius told a gathering of Latinos in Philadelphia.

Uh, no you pandering jackass. A mass influx of people—citizens or not—is going to overwhelm the already overburdened health care system. Of course, Obama has seen to it that effete assholes like Sebelius won’t be subjected to the same government-controlled clusterfuck as us peons.

The socialist train wreck that is ObamaCare will eat up what’s left of our decimated economy.  ObamaCare will be the final nail in America’s coffin.

The Dems are relentlessly pushing illegal alien amnesty because they’re part of the Dem voting bloc.

Illegals are to health care as food stamps are to “stimulus”.

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