Secret Service Agents, 10 Military Personnel Pull a GSA

20 prostitutes, 11 Secret Service Agents and 1o military personnel. Hell, if the Government Service Administration can party hardy, the agents in the Secret Service want to get in on some action, too.

The story broke on 13 April before Obama’s arrival in Columbia, when one of the agents got into an argument with a hooker. Dude, you shoulda just paid her the 47 bucks. 

Eleven agents were recalled to Washington last week after nearly all of them allegedly brought prostitutes back to their rooms at a luxury hotel in Colombia.

The team was in the country to scout out the security situation ahead of President Barack Obama’s trip there for the Summit of the Americas this weekend.

But the agents – who have now been placed on leave – reportedly capped off a week of heavy drinking at the beachfront Hotel Caribe in Cartagena by cavorting with prostitutes.

Several of the agents are married….well, not for long.

The military contingent included five Army special forces members, two members of a Navy explosives ordnance disposal unit, two Marine dog handlers and one Air Force member.

Any military or government agent who holds a security clearance has to be very careful not to place themselves in a position that would compromise their mission.  It remains to be seen if anything was revealed other than some agents bragging about their presidential security duties, but unfortunately, this gives the agency a black eye.



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