Sen. George Voinovich (RINO-OH) Solution to Unemployment: Raise Fuel Taxes

How does this idiot even get dressed by himself?

In a letter to members of President Obama’s debt commission, Voinovich laid out his argument for the increase.
“Fuel taxes today fund the vast majority of the federal government’s investment in infrastructure projects,” Voinovich wrote in the letter. “Due to dwindling fuel tax receipts, Congress has had to transfer billions of dollars from the General Fund to the Highway Trust Fund to maintain our current level of federal involvement.”

Voinovich said the tax hike is needed to help keep the Highway Trust Fund afloat.

Voinovich, the ranking member on the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee, has been pushing the idea of a hike for a while.

“I believe Americans are willing to pay a higher gas tax to create jobs, improve our infrastructure and better our climate,” Voinovich said at a business conference in Ohio last month. “And many of my conservative colleagues do not consider that gas tax as a tax, but as a user fee.

Just brilliant, George. Respond to skyrocketing unemployment by making people pay more to get to work.

Voinovoich is afflicted with cranial-rectal inversion disease. Unfortunately, we have several politicians in the state of Ohio with that condition. Kucinich, Sutton, and Brown all need a trip to the proctologist for a head extraction.

George is retiring this year, thank gawd. Hopefully he’ll be replaced with someone more fit for the job, like an actual Republican.

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