Sexist Vulgarity is Okay as Long as the Target is a Republican Female

If there’s a nuclear war, only two species will survive: the cockroaches and Cher. I feel sorry for the cockroaches.
This time, the plastic surgeon’s wet dream decided to wake up this morning, rush to her computer, and call Sarah Palin a “cunt”.
No explanation, other than she’s probably not a ‘morning person’.
This is what passes for intellect in Hollywood:

Cher is about as classy as the losers at MSNBC, like sick fuck Martin Bashir, who spews all kinds of profane, hate-filled commentary without so much as a slap on the wrist. He suggested that someone shit in Palin’s mouth and piss in her eyes for daring to compare the burgeoning national debt to slavery.

Some notable events in the life of Cher:
She promised to leave the country if Bush was elected. She reneged.
She and her family are dysfunctional…as in tabloid dysfunctional.
She married heroin addict Greg Allman, after she divorced Sonny Bono.
Her son is a heroin addict.
Her heretofore daughter went from gay to a (WTF?!?) transgendered man. And a fugly one, at that.
Her Twitter rants are legendary; in an over-the-crazy-cliff sort of way.

Sarah Palin is a smart, tough, independent, principled, take-no-bullshit kind of gal. She’s Middle America, which drives the leftie moonbats to hideous distraction.  Their hate for Sarah Palin has taken on a derangement of wild proportions. She has weathered the onslaught of rabid bloggers and main stream media lowlifes who flung some of the most obscene, slanderous, filthy tirades ever manufactured.  Not able to find any real dirt in her past or her character, they fabricated, instead. They resorted to targeting her daughter and her Downs Syndrome infant son, because being the puerile simps they are, they lack the courage to fight with the adults.Two things we can always count on when it comes to celebrities:  Their weapons grade idiocy and their exhibitionist tendencies.
Stay classy, Cher.

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