Shapiro: ‘OJ’s a Sociopath’

In the “Duh” Department:

From Robert Friedman at Fox news:

Time heals some wounds, so Ronald Goldman’s dad, Fred, might be interested in this. I ran into O.J. Simpson’s former criminal attorney, Robert Shapiro, night before last at a party celebrating Mickey Rourke’s Golden Globe win. I asked Shapiro, who led the Simpson “Dream Team” in 1994-95 that got Simpson acquitted of double murder, what he thought of his former client in retrospect.

Shapiro was quick to respond. “He’s a sociopath,” Shapiro said, surprisingly. This was just after I told him of seeing F. Lee Bailey last fall, and that Bailey was still defending Simpson.

Did Shapiro always think Simpson was a sociopath, I wondered? Shapiro smiled. “What do you think?” he answered rhetorically.

If someone relates this anecdote to Simpson, now at last in prison but not for the murders, he may well surmise that his staunchest former defender is finally ‘fessing up about his feelings. Too late, but still, it’s nice to know.

It still doesn’t say much for the ‘dream team’ assholes who got him off.

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