Shitbag Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (aka The “Underwear Bomber) Sentenced to Multiple Life Sentences

The isolated extremist in the “peaceful religion”.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to bring down Northwest flight 253 over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009 with an underwear bomb, said he was “proud to kill in the name of God” before he was sentenced to multiple life sentences today in a Detroit courtroom.

“Today is a day of victory and God is great,” said Abdulmutallab, 25. He also said that al Qaeda would one day be victorious, and that acts like his will continue until “the righteous servants of Allah inherit the world.”

“The defendant has never expressed doubt or remorse about his mission,” said Judge Nancy Edmunds in imposing four life sentences plus 50 years. “To the contrary, he sees that mission as divinely inspired and a continuing mission.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Cathleen Corken had asked Judge Edmunds to impose the maximum sentence allowable for Abdulmutallab’s “cold-blooded, calculated plan to kill everyone aboard the plane.”

……”The Koran obliges every able Muslim to participate in jihad and fight in the way of Allah,” Abdulmutallab told the court. “I carried the device to avenge the killing of my Muslim brothers and sisters… Unfortunately, my actions make me guilty of a crime.”

“The United States should be warned that if they continue to persist and promote the blasphemy of Mohammad and the prophets,” said Abdulmutallab, “the United States should await a great calamity that will befall them through the hands of the mujahedeen soon.”

“If you laugh with us now, we will laugh with you later on the day of judgment,” he said. Abdulmutallab also said he had been “greatly inspired” by Anwar al-Awlaki and insisted that Awlaki, who had been killed in a U.S. drone strike just weeks earlier, was still alive.–abc-news.html

Abdulmutallab should have been tried in front of a military tribunal. We’re at war with Islamic terrorists and he is an enemy combatant.

The mutherfucker will get three hots and a cot, cable TV, free medical care, and all the praying to allah time he wants. Instead of letting him breathe precious oxygen at taxpayer expense, he should get a .45 caliber lobotomy.

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    now if there waz on’y a way to make them lifetimes reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel unpleasent…

    I got it!!!…

    neckid lap dances from da fust HO…while watchin’ he momma do porno wit’ a hampshire boar…

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