*SHOCKER*: NBC Actually Reports Devastating Effects of ObamaCare on Businesses and Employees

NBC takes off the knee pads.

Employers around the country, from fast-food franchises to colleges, have told NBC News that they will be cutting workers’ hours below 30 a week because they can’t afford to offer the health insurance mandated by the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

“To tell somebody that you’ve got to decrease their hours because of a law passed in Washington is very frustrating to me,” said Loren Goodridge, who owns 21 Subway franchises, including a restaurant in Kennebunk. “I know the impact I’m having on some of my employees.”

Goodridge said he’s cutting the hours of 50 workers to no more than 29 a week so he won’t trigger the provision in the new health care law that requires employers to offer coverage to employees who work 30 hours or more per week. The provision takes effect in 16 months.

Luke Perfect, who has worked at Goodridge’s Kennebunk Subway for more than a decade, said it was “horrible” to learn he was among the employees whose hours would be limited, and that it would be a financial hardship. “I’m barely scraping by with overtime,” he said.

The White House dismisses such examples as “anecdotal.” Jason Furman, chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisors, said, “We are seeing no systematic evidence that the Affordable Care Act is having an adverse impact on job growth or the number of hours employees are working. … [S]ince the ACA became law, nearly 90 percent of the gain in employment has been in full-time positions.”

More “anecdotal” examples:  the national debt,  unemployment,  the unsustainable tax/borrow/spend orgy, $814 billion “stimulus” and $787 billion dollars in taxpayer funded bailouts, the government takeover of 2/3rds of the auto industry, insurance corporations, and the engineered collapse of the housing and banking industry. (TARP)

The failed legacy of a Dem majority in Congress is one of the most tragic ‘anecdotes’ in American history.

Just wait and see what happens when Obama stops delaying the inevitable train wreck as a political tactic.


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2 thoughts on “*SHOCKER*: NBC Actually Reports Devastating Effects of ObamaCare on Businesses and Employees”

  1. Every morning when I awake, I pray the demise of the tyrant Obama. I pray that the egotistical murderer and traitor Obama is rendered powerless and taken away in shackles to be judged by the people of this nation, that judgement be swift, and execution of his sentence dealt without any mercy.

    Obama has left defenseless the people of this nation that most need protection. Obama has stolen the most from those least able to afford it. Obama has sewn prejudice in this country and a far greater division than any has done. I pray that the Great Creator cuts him down since I am powerless to stand against the injustices of this evil dictator.

    Obama, BURN IN HELL!

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