Sign in New Orleans Neighborhood Showing Obama in Diaper Makes Leftwingnuts Cry

An Uptown neighborhood was clogged with cars Wednesday morning as 60 people showed up outside a home on Calhoun Street, demanding the removal of a sign of President Barack Obama in a diaper mounted on a fence.

The people gathered outside the home just off St. Charles Avenue said they came to express their frustrations over the “offensive” poster.
In the crowd was former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, and he said he already talked to homeowner Timmy Riley — but the sign hasn’t been removed.
Many residents said the poster is distasteful and disrespectful to the president and to African-Americans.
However, views over the sign were split among neighbors in the Uptown community.
“We see it every day. It’s a monstrosity, and I can’t believe somebody would put it up. But (Riley has) the right to do that, unfortunately,” neighbor Veronica Lyons said.
Police said that Riley has the right to express himself even if the sign is offensive to some people. “It’s sign on his own property. It’s a free world, and I don’t understand why (Riley) can’t do that,” neighbor Katherina DeMonluzine said.

They were probably more  “offended” by the Tea Party-backed Herman Cain stickers on the sign.

Where was Nagin and company when some asshole in West Hollywood hung Sarah Palin in effigy?

Where’s  all the righteous indignation over the continued hate speech and violence from unions and leftwing politicians and organizations?

Shut the fuck up, Nagin. You’ve made a living out of being offensive, and a paranoid idiot to boot.

1 thought on “Sign in New Orleans Neighborhood Showing Obama in Diaper Makes Leftwingnuts Cry”

  1. butt neckid

    I wonder if they are offended b’cuz of their skin color…or the content of the message…

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