Small Business Owner Gets Tapdance From THE ONE

This is what happens when the audience isn’t packed with sycophants.

Obama held a little backyard Q&A in Des Moines Iowa.  David Greenspon, the CEO of Competitive Edge, gave him an earful over the Dems intention of allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire and their goal of raising taxes.  Greenspon was in the middle of explaining the economic realities of small business and trade with China, when THE ONE cut him off.  Greenspon ought to know by now that Obama’s answers are canned in response to difficult questions ‘above his pay grade’.

Greenspon was interviewed by FNC afterward.  At about 04:50 into the video, he gets to the nitty gritty:

“We go to another set of canned responses. And the canned response here is somehow the  tax cut was benefiting those  hedge fund quote “managers”. I don’t know any hedge fund managers, I’m here in Des Moines Iowa you know, running a business for 30 years almost, that I started when I was 25 years old. 

So, you know I’m 53 now, and all those years I’ve had my nose to the grindstone. I don’t know that he’s ever had that kind of job history, and I think if he did, he would have listened to the question maybe in full, and then he would  have given an answer which could have been, “I don’t know, we’re trying”, and I would have appreciated that more than being compared indirectly sort of to a hedge fund manager.”

Link to video:

Greenspon should also realize that he’s faced with a socialist-in-chief who is openly hostile to business and free market enterprise.   Hopefully, the Republicans will take control of Congress and actually reverse all the damage done by the rotten DemLeft miscreants who think the Constitution is irrelevent and that the people need to be controlled, not governed.  Until then, they will continue to legislate that  hostility into law.

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