Small Business Owner Slams Obama

Geithner says Obama believes taxes on small business must increase so the administration does not have to “shrink the overall size of government programs.”

The backbone of our economy, the small business community, doesn’t take kindly to this bullshit.

Amilya Antonetti, CEO of AMA productions, slams Obama’s tax and socialist “spread the wealth” agenda on Neil Cavuto’s show.


Ms. Antonetti is representative of the anger throughout the small businesses in this country. Obama demonizes free market enterprise because he hates it. Capitalism and earned wealth chafe his scrawny ass.  He was  schooled in Marxism at an early age, and has done as much damage to freedom and democracy as he possibly can.

The tentacles of socialist Obamanomics has reached into every aspect of our economy. Between the government takeover of 2/3rds of the auto industry, several prominent banks, insurance corporations, and health care, coupled with the epic “stimulus” fail,  our economy is reeling. If I had money to invest, I would keep it far away from any risk until Obama gets kicked out of office.

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