So Much for Post 9/11 National Unity

From The Spectator

We came together after 9/11 as Americans. We formed a bond of unity the likes of which I could not remember save for when I was a child during World War II. Then, housewives rolled bandages at night for the Red Cross. Kids carried scrap paper and metal to school for the war effort.

People proudly hung military insignias in their windows to recognize their family members who were at war. Mothers dressed their children in miniature military uniforms.

In the coming decades, that unity was shredded. The Vietnam War divided the country as much as WWII united it. On campus, students cheered for the enemy: “Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh is going to win.”

The Vietnamese communist regime so widely endorsed by the American Left produced 800, 000 refugees who were willing to risk their lives by fleeing to treacherous open seas rather than submit to the brutalities of the regime. California Governor Jerry Brown militated against letting them settle anywhere in California. He even sent an aide to Travis Air Force Base to prevent planeloads of Vietnamese refugees from landing. This is the same Jerry Brown who decades later wanted to eliminate the southern border. Unlike Hispanics, Vietnamese did not identify with the Democratic Party.

After 9/11, neighborhoods throughout America flew the flag. First responders, especially police and firefighters, were hailed as heroes. President George W. Bush, often demeaned by the mainstream media, seemed to be given a grace period as he provided symbolic unity to the idea of America.

Eighteen years later, the same first responders, some dying of cancer from exposure on that fateful day, had to beg Congress to continue their health benefits.

Patriotism, the embrace of the nation, is no longer praised. A hostile anti-American media has transformed patriotism into a slur to be tied to white nationalism in an identity politics that slices America into groups with competing interests. Many of them find transient unity in something called intersectionality, which pits everyone against the so-called white patriarchy.

No one checked the identities of the first responders who ran toward the Twin Towers on 9/11; nor did they, in turn, ask the identities of the people whom they rescued. The New York Fire Department, like the New York Police Department, was, on 9/11/2001, largely white and male. No one said, “Check your white patriarchy at the door and don’t enter.”

Today, some New Yorkers find it amusing to dunk the police with buckets of water or to climb atop a police car with impunity, knowing that any response by the police will be met with a microscopic examination for excessive force.

In 2008, we elected a president who showed more concern for the aspirations of Muslims than the victims of 9/11. When some Muslims wanted to build a triumphalist mosque at ground zero, President Obama stood with them while lacerating the sensitivities of all of New York.

When the Egyptian people turned out by the tens of thousands in the streets of Cairo to overthrow the brutal dictatorship of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Obama administration worked unsuccessfully to put the Brotherhood back in power.

Today, anti-Americanism is in vogue. It is more fashionable to burn the flag than to fly it. A university wants to ban the use of the word “American” because it is not inclusive. Campuses have evolved into tuition-demanding re-education camps that teach history, politics, and sociology from the underbelly of the American experience.

Tolerance of the citizen who possesses the same national loyalty but holds a different perspective no longer exists. People are afraid to express their political opinions on campus, at work, and even among family members. Members of the Hollywood elite call for a political blacklist reminiscent of the ignominious days of the House Un-American Activities Committee. They fail to understand that the political winds are unpredictable. Those who make lists today might find themselves listed tomorrow.

Political thuggery dominates the streets of Portland. San Francisco, the headquarters of Antifa, condemns the National Rifle Association as a domestic terrorist group, but Antifa receives San Francisco’s tolerance, if not its blessing. To date, the National Rifle Association, unlike Antifa, has beaten no one in the streets, and it certainly has not shot anyone.

In the real world, we are all tribal. Given freedom of choice, people generally choose to live and associate with their own tribe. Our perspectives on the world are shaped by different cultural and historical experiences that define our reality.

The system of competing tribes with different realities only works if there is an overarching sense of community. From the Europe of the Peace of Westphalia, 1648, emerged the idea of the nation state. This was the binding together of similar yet different peoples into a shared identity.

Three-hundred-plus years later, that ideal began to crumble. Devolution became the objective of peoples who found unity artificial. Minus the integrative loyalty of communism, Yugoslavia crumbled into different ethnic enclaves and civil war. Czechoslovakia broke into the Czech and Slovak Republics. The Soviet Union broke up into its pre-imperial past. Many African states devolved into tribalism.

Our strength is most definitely not our multiculturalism. Our strength is a multicultural society that possess a transformative sense of unity. Dramatic events like 9/11 rekindle that purpose.

But as that purpose erodes, we will descend into various forms of dysfunctional group identities. In the 18 years since 9/11, we’ve forgotten what unites us as Americans. It is time to remember that we do share a common purpose and destiny. We are in this together.



I knew that it wouldn’t take long for the shock to wear off and the leftards to start spinning the anti-American rhetoric.

Almost immediately after the attacks, the leftwing cockroaches came crawling out of the woodwork to blame America.

Liberals are in the throes of weapons grade stupidity and ignorance. The attacks happen right in front of them, the muzzie perps are very clear about their intent and purposeyet all they can do is clutch their pearls and apologize:

“We are not at war with Islam”
“Don’t sensationalize”…”Don’t rush to judgement”…”Mass shooting”…
‘What difference does it make?,
“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
“Hateful rhetoric towards Muslims”
Blame the Tea Party/Republicans
Scrutinizing ‘refugees’ is ‘not who we are’.
CNN’s leading jihadist Christiane Amanpour calls muzzie terrorists “activists”.
‘Workplace violence’
Blame the Jews/Christians

The Left shields and defends Islam because they have a lot in common. Both hate what they deem as ‘Western imperialism’, and the Left loves the notion of a terrorist group giving America and other Western countries their  ‘comeuppance’, even if they kill fellow citizens in the process.

Author Nora Mulready resides in London. She describes what is happening throughout Western civilization.

From her blog.

Much of the Left has been eaten alive by Islamism. This truly regressive and oppressive political philosophy has all but destroyed a movement that once desired nothing less than the emancipation of the human race. The campaigns for equality that were right and good and brave in the 1960s have been exploited to within an inch of their lives, and actually probably far beyond that, by a political movement that hates everything those campaigns were fighting for. Women’s rights, children’s rights, gay rights, free speech, rejection of religious power over our lives, integration, free expression, music, art, freedom, love: the defence of every one of them given up bit by bit by a Left which has ceased to be worthy of the name.


The current environment on university campuses is tailored for black radical blowhards and liberal white snowflakes.

Thanks to the fatuous indoctrination of left wing academic intelligentsia, college campuses have morphed into a petri dish of bat-shit crazy dysfunction.  

The more extreme the conduct and rhetoric, the more it’s excused by college administrations. It’s been incorporated into the curriculum and policy.

Dem politicians push mob violence and hate-filled rhetoric against any one who doesn’t goosestep to their agenda.

The Left has morphed into the fascists they warned us about.


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