Socialist/Single Payer Healthcare Failures

This is the kind of disaster the Dems want to inflict on America.

Via Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe sits down with Troy Lanigan, president of Canada’s Manning Center, to talk about what Canadian health care is really like. At a time when everyone in America is talking about Medicare for All, it’s important to puncture the misconceptions about socialized medicine in countries like Canada and point out how such systems would harm patients in the United States.


Via The Western Journal

Imagine your wife is seven months pregnant, and she is feeling severe pain in her lower back on a Thursday afternoon.

It could be kidney stones, which have happened in the past, but it could also be a serious problem with the pregnancy.

You take her to the emergency room, but they can’t do the ultrasound right then and there.

The machine is also not available the next day — its schedule has already been filled up.

The wait stretches to Monday. Why? The ultrasound technicians have the weekend off, potential medical emergencies notwithstanding.

That sort of thing sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

The thing is, this really happened to French-Canadian entrepreneur Alain Lambert.

In a recent video for Prager University, Lambert related that story — one of four experiences that show how the Canadian health care system doesn’t match up with the hype it gets from liberal American politicians.

Lambert’s wife was lucky — the wait only involved discomfort from kidney stones.

Regular readers of The Western Journal know of a more tragic outcome from a wait for a diagnosis: Inez Rudderham.

Rudderham lived, but won’t be able to have children due to waiting for two years to have her cancer diagnosed.

But his wife’s wait is not the only bad experience Lambert can relate about the Canadian health care system.

Lambert also told the tale of a friend suffering from severe back pain who was put on a waiting list for surgery.

The pain got so bad that Lambert’s friend went to see a specialist, inquiring if the surgery could be done sooner.

“Are you suicidal?” the doctor asked.

Six months later, Pipes’ mom was rushed to the hospital, where she got the colonoscopy after a four-day wait.

She was suffering from metastasized colon cancer and died two weeks later.

Lambert does have some good news: “Canadian hospice care is first-rate — caring and compassionate. Once you’re terminal, they take very good care of you,” he said.

But wouldn’t it be better to cure the diseases that make hospice care necessary?


H/T to Liberato.US

Canadian healthcare system:

The system is hopelessly politicized – you can jump the line if you have friends in high places or can make some noise.

Got a problem with your care? ‘Go talk to your legislator.’  Not your doctor.  Your legislator.  ‘Or go to court, stop bothering us.’

You should have the same right as your cat’ – You can take your cat to the vet and pay out of pocket for what the cat needs.  But you can’t take people outside the system for something the system supposedly provides.

Death by waiting – ear infections turn into brain infections and kill people.

It’s a two-tier system, a new inequality:  the 50,000 Canadians a year who can afford to go outside the country for medical services and those who can’t.  ‘Poor people can’t leave; they’re made to suffer the most in the name of equality.’

More real-life stories about Canadian healthcare at

‘No amount of money can fix the system’.

“Canada serves as a warning of the unintended consequences of socialized medicine: high taxes, long waits, staff shortages and substandard drugs and equipment. Those suffering the most are the poor, who cannot afford to fly abroad for timely treatment.”

More than 217,000 people fled Canada to get treatment elsewhere in 2017, including a nurse with debilitating back pain who was facing a 2-year wait for surgery.

New study shows fatal flaws of Canadian healthcare system – lethal wait times, surprisingly high out-of-pocket costs, residents escape over the border when they need serious healthcare (Sally Pipes)

“What Bernie Sanders Isn’t Telling You About Canadian Health Care” – patients pay out of pocket after paying 50 percent more in taxes, ruthless rationing and brutal death by waiting list are deployed to control costs, older and cheaper drugs are used, equipment is outdated, patients are treated in hallways, emergency rooms are packed, and enough Canadians to populate a small city leave the country every year to get healthcare elsewhere – ‘oh, you died two months ago? So sorry we couldn’t get to you.’

Canadian says socialized medicine there is “ugly and scary” (lots of death by waiting); calls Americans “foolish” for wanting to go the same way.

Canadian universal healthcare is a top spender but is the worst for wait times and ranks low on medical resources.

Family fighting to end deadly #SinglePayer waits in Canada after daughter dies waiting for a bone marrow transplant despite donors being available – Ontario hospital can only do 5 a month and 30 people were ahead of her in line. #CanadaWaits

UK healthcare:

UK patient pays for cancer operation out of pocket after being given unacceptable wait time by NHS.

UK NHS ordered to pay nurse who was unfairly fired after 38 years of exemplary service for blowing the whistle on system overworking nurses; she was vindicated after a preventable death occurred.

NHS turns in worst performance ever, missing wait time targets for emergencies, operations, and cancer treatment.

Another UK NHS maternity scandal – leaked internal report shows 42 dead infants, 50 more brain-damaged, 3 dead mothers in just 600 cases studied. Report chronicles failure to monitor those at high risk, rampant negligence, chronic inability to learn from mistakes, and shocking indifference to patients.

UK NHS #SinglePayer is a disaster for in-hospital mortality, cancer survival, wait times, doctor/nurse shortages, and mental health treatment but, hey, it’s their ‘national religion’ (Robert Moffit)

NHS #SinglePayer driving UK into debt; cost-cutting and higher taxes will be necessary.

Unfunny John Oliver trivializes objections to Medicare for All – cost, taxation, wait times, etc. – but cannot refute them (Robert Moffit)

Small businesses supporting Medicare for All are in for a rude awakening – taxes will eventually have to rise to keep #SinglePayer afloat.  Meanwhile, their employees will get shafted by more paperwork,  long waits, treatment and drug denials, and new payroll taxes (Sally Pipes)

Ignorant Medicare for All supporters think they will be able to keep their current plans. Joke’s on them.

How did the Indian Health Service get so screwed up? Simple – it’s #SinglePayer South Dakota IHS emergency room basically flies patients out to regional hospitals at $8,000 a pop.

Hidden costs would nearly double the price of Warren’s Medicare-for-All plan – economic drag of new taxes, waste, rationing, and reduced innovation. (5-part series – Chris Conover)

Just a reminder – Bernie’s Medicare-for-All plan includes middle-class tax hikes and free healthcare for illegal aliens.

Making #SinglePayer free at the point of sale would trigger demand and raise total healthcare spending $1 trillion a year (Chris Jacobs)

Vets can’t sue military doctors for malpractice.

“VA kept thousands of veterans’ appeals in boxes, file cabinets instead of processing them, report shows” –

Another admission government-run healthcare does not work – VA frees enrollees to seek medical care outside of VA hospitals

VA working on proposal to shift billions into private care; holds promise of shorter waits, more choices, and fewer co-pays

Loophole lets VA #SinglePayer skate for malpractice of independent contractors who have VA IDs and wear VA doctor coats.

West Palm Beach VA #SinglePayer hospital a horror show –  dirty rooms, food on the floor, used tissues under the bed, dried whatever all over; ‘I’ll never forget how filthy my room was,’ one vet says.

Connecticut VA hospital gets agency’s highest quality rating despite cancelled surgeries and unsterile surgical tools. #SinglePayer

Here’s what #SinglePayer really means – higher taxes, reduced services, chronic doctor shortages, cancelled surgeries, long waits.  And, no, it’s not ‘free’:

Americans Like Their Private Insurance and Want to Keep It:

Poll: only 1 in 5 Dems want to abolish private insurance

Atlanta Mayor: millions of Americans don’t want to give up their private insurance.

Medicare for All that would eliminate private insurance and give free healthcare to illegal aliens is “reckless” and “untenable” (Rahm Emanuel)

More evidence Medicare for All will INCREASE total national health spending: many observers agree payment to all providers will never be cut 40% to Medicare rates as advocates assumed; plus, payments were not cut to Medicare rates in Washington state fight (Charles Blahous)

Biden’s public option would kill private insurance, eventually ushering in single payer (Sally Pipes)

“Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare-for-all’ means worse health insurance at higher cost for most Americans” (Sally Pipes)

You can’t double the size of the federal budget and honestly believe a small tax increase on the super-wealthy will pay for it.


The attempt to force socialist healthcare (ObamaCare) down the throats of American taxpayers, has been a disaster.

The individual mandate was declared unconstitutional and struck down by a US District court. ObamaCare has been repealed.

Everywhere socialist single payer healthcare rears its ugly head, people suffer.

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