Soldier Sends Jihadist to Hell in a Toyota

Another Islamic radical shitbird dies from a well-placed 7.62 and bad driving…but mostly from a well-placed 7.62.

When the black Toyota Corolla sped alongside his Army convoy on a road in western Afghanistan Nov. 16, Spc. Joseph LaFreniere knew what to do.

He raised his M-4 rifle and fired a couple of rounds into the vehicle, which promptly blew up.

It was a suicide car bomber’s attempt to wipe out the convoy of armored vehicles. As ill luck would have it, the only person injured in the incident was LaFreniere.

Now LaFreniere, who turns 23 next week, is home on Cayuga Island, with a livid scar on his left cheek and the prospect of more surgery to repair the scar and nerve and salivary duct damage inside his face.

It could have — and, if LaFreniere hadn’t been alert and well-trained, would have — been a lot worse.

He already has received his Purple Heart and Combat Infantryman’s Badge as a result of the incident, and he has been recommended for a Bronze Star and a Distinguished Service Medal.

As a three-year member of the 101st Cavalry of the New York National Guard, LaFreniere knew that when an unmarked car speeds toward a military convoy, the driver probably isn’t there to throw flowers.

He was atop a Humvee in a machine- gun turret, but relied on his rifle because he couldn’t get his machine gun cranked around in time.

The action happened on a two-lane road in Herat Province, near the Iranian border. LaFreniere’s outfit normally works on supply missions and the escort of high-priority figures. On Nov. 16, the assignment was to pick up the U. S. ambassador to Afghanistan, who was flying into a military airfield.

The convoy was moving about 50 mph at the time of the attack. LaFreniere said he shot at the bomber’s car from behind at a range of about 50 meters.

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SPC Joseph LaFreniere plans on being a cop once he is released from Active Duty. He’ll make a damned good one.


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