Somali Muslims Claim Responsibility for Uganda Carnage

Another offering from the “peaceful religion of Islam”.


A Ugandan man is being treated for his injuries at a hospital after twin terrorist attacks killed 74 World Cup viewers and injured many more in the Ugandan capital of Kampala. Al-Shabaab, which has pledged loyalty to al Qaeda, claimed responsibility. (AP photo)

Thomas Kramer is one of the five U.S. citizens who were injured in a bomb blast Sunday in an Ethiopian restaurant in Kampala. “I never thought that could happen to me” said the 14-year-old from Pennsylvania, who went to Uganda with his mother and her church. (AP photo)

A senior member of the Somali Islamist insurgent group al-Shabaab on Monday claimed responsibility for a pair of terrorist attacks in Uganda that left 74 World Cup viewers dead, including one American. The bombings triggered fears of a new wave of attacks in the region by al-Shabaab, although a U.S. intelligence official told the Washington Times that “this does not move the needle” on concerns about a possible strike in the United States by the group, which has recruited U.S. citizens as fighters.”We will carry out attacks against our enemy wherever they are,” said Sheik Ali Mohamud Rage, a senior al-Shabaab official….. “No one will deter us from performing our Islamic duty.”  Ugandan investigators said from the beginning that they had suspected al-Shabaab — which has pledged loyalty to Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda network — was behind Sunday’s blasts. They occurred within 10 minutes of each other at two locations in the Ugandan capital of Kampala, including an Ethiopian restaurant.

A Ugandan police spokesman said 74 people had been killed and scores more injured, and the U.S. State Department said five Americans were among those injured. Invisible Children, an aid group based in San Diego, said one of its American staff in Uganda, Nate Henn, was among the dead.

And the worthless Dhimmi-in-Chief dropped all references to Islamic radicalism from counter-terrorist lexicon. Maybe he can explain how the religious/ideological motives of muslim terrorists don’t play a part in their “Islamic duty”. Good luck.

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