‘Stimulus’ Costs More Than War on Terrorism

While all the anti-war pukes are bitching about the ‘cost’ of fighting Islamofascism (READ: not just the so-called ‘innocent victims’ and jihadists they support, but monetary ), they may want to consider the expense of the bloated stimulus (and the bailout) while they’re at it.

WASHINGTON – Republican critics of the Democratic-backed landmark stimulus package are pointing out that its 800-billion-dollar-plus price tag would — “in one fell swoop,” as Republican Representative Todd Akin put it — consume more resources than have been laid out for two wars, so far.

The Pentagon says the United States has committed $524.6 billion to the nearly six-year-old conflict in Iraq and $120.9 billion to the fighting in Afghanistan since 2001.

“I almost have to pinch myself, gentlemen, to think that just standing here a couple of hours ago, we just voted to spend $800 billion, more than the cost of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan,” the Republican Akin declared Wednesday after the House of Representatives passed the stimulus without a single Republican vote in favor.

“Can our economy handle that?” he asked.

For years, Democratic opponents of the war in Iraq have questioned its cost and the fact that the 2003 invasion under the Republican Bush administration and the occupation that followed were done on borrowed money, adding to U.S. debt that ultimately must be paid by taxpayers.

Now Republicans, who largely supported the Iraq war, are trying to turn the tables on their Democratic critics and ask whether it is wise to borrow as much cash again all at once, taking on even more interest costs. “I know the Bush administration was savaged for the money that’s spent on the war in Iraq,” Sen. Jeff Sessions, an Alabama Republican, said this week.

……Sessions said: “We’re talking about the largest spending bill in the history of the republic.” He cited Congressional Budget Office estimates that the stimulus could cost $347 billion in interest on the national debt over the next decade, if none of its costs are offset.



4 thoughts on “‘Stimulus’ Costs More Than War on Terrorism”

  1. streetsweeper,

    Like I’ve been saying, they’re going to be very disappointed when they realize Obama isn’t going to pay off their mortgage, buy their gas, or spring for their next bottle of Hennessy. Nothing is free. Every dollar doled out to the Octomoms in America comes out of the pocket of taxpeyers. Those waitresses are no exception.


  2. streetsweeper


    I already have a keen sense of how the people are reacting to this bullcrap, heh. You had to be with me at a restaurant here listening to a couple of single mother multi babies by other men waitresses yapping about how much free money they expected to receive from O’Bamas “Stimulus” plan.

    When I let them know how much each of us were getting via the ten to thirteen buck credit method it took about twenty minutes to soak in, then their tunes changed fast. They were expecting at least a grand in cash…..I hinted they ouhgt to consider opening a cathouse instead and earn far better money, LMAO!

    Yep…sweeper was a bad boy the other day, lol.

  3. streetsweeper,

    Politicians still believe they can say and do anything without consequences.
    Not anymore. People are really starting to get pissed about this, and it only took over 800 billion dollars in one shot to do it. It’s not like the pork manufacturers in D.C. haven’t done this before, but now it’s so ‘in your face’, that the public is finally fed up.

    Recently, there was a taxpayer protest in Arizona: (http://michellemalkin.com/2009/02/18/more-scenes-from-mesa-i-need-a-beachfront-condo-mr-president/), Seattle: (http://redistributingknowledge.blogspot.com/2009/02/its-on-presidents-day-protest-at.html), and Denver: (http://youdontknowstimulus.com/holding-barack-obama-accountable-in-denver/).

    We’ll see just how fed up the American people are, as this pork and the aftershock starts to take effect.


  4. streetsweeper

    A more appropriate command would of been; “Hands against the wall…Gimme your wallet, Sucker”…

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