‘Stimulus’ Money Went to Phantom Districts and Zip Codes

Unfuckingbelievable. Where is the Treasury Department?

Matt Burke, a student in Colerain, Ohio is now a contender for Congress. Burke is running for a seat in Ohio’s 21st Congressional District.

Where is the 21st Congressional District? The district is one of ten phantom districts named by www.recovery.gov as having received federal stimulus money. The website has since moved the phantom congressional districts into an “unassigned congressional district” category.

The phantom 21st congressional district is not the only district gaining political interest in Ohio; Harald Zieger is also running for office in Ohio’s 56th Congressional District. Zieger is an immigrant from Russia and Burke is a minor, who has received permission from his parents to run for office.

Justin Binik-Thomas, Vice President of National Affairs and Strategy for Cincinnati Tea Party said, “I think these are very expensive jobs we are creating. Clearly the costs are not in line with the actual response. You do not have a job with a salary of $3 million.” Binik-Thomas is referring to the average cost per job created or retained due to stimulus money in the 1st Congressional District in Ohio.

Burke will not begin campaigning until January, but according to his campaign site, “he’s too small to fail!” Binik-Thomas knows both Burke and Zieger and said they are running more to make a point than to get elected; “this is not something that can be slipped under the radar. You cannot misplace or misappropriate tens of millions of dollars and call it transparency.”

www.recovery.gov listed 28 congressional districts in Ohio as having received stimulus money; the correct number of congressional districts in Ohio is 18.

A new tactic: non-existent zip codes.

Last month, we reported on federal stimulus money credited with creating jobs in nonexistent New Mexico Congressional districts. Further examination of the most recent report on the recipients and uses of New Mexico’s share of the $787 billion stimulus shows jobs created and tens of millions of dollars going to zip codes that do not exist.

New Mexico Watchdog broke what became a national news story……the web site launched by the Obama Administration to track the destinations of billions of stimulus funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act showed billions going to nonexistent Congressional districts. That website, recovery.gov, reported $26.5 million going to to ten New Mexico Congressional districts that don’t exist. Those millions were credited with creating 61.5 jobs. Spadework by our Watchdog counterparts in other states showed a total of $6.4 billion reported as being allocated to 440 nonexistent Congressional districts.

The agency charged with tracking the stimulus funds, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, attempted to eliminate this embarrassment by lumping all billions reported going to nonexistent Congressional districts into a new category called the “unassigned” Congressional district.

Closer examination of the latest recovery.gov report for New Mexico shows more than $15 million reportedly sent to and creating jobs in zip codes that don’t exist in New Mexico or anywhere else. Moreover, approximately $131,000 was reported as being spent in supposedly New Mexico zip code areas when in fact the zip codes are located in Washington and Oregon.

Millions of dollars in taxpayer funds went to non-existent jobs, districts, and zip codes, but someone or some group received the money. It went into somebody’s pockets, and you can bet your ass it was a political payoff to democrats.

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