Tea Party Express Comes to Cleveland

The “Tea Party Express” rolled into the Berea Fairgrounds on Sunday marking its only stop in Ohio.

The cross-country bus tour of the Tea Party political movement is hoping to influence voters to send incumbents packing in the November’s elections. “Just hand them a pink slip and vote them out,” said one speaker.

In general, the tea party movement stands for the principle that the government is getting too involved in people’s every day lives.

The movement fiercely opposes President Obama’s health care reforms that have now been signed into law.

Republicans hope to capitalize on the tea party movement’s desire for change this November. But some who attended today’s event say the GOP will have to earn their votes.

“Republicans, they are getting a little too liberal,” says Chris Hobe, a Tea Party supporter from Strongsville. “They are not doing what we want.”

The express bus tour’s final stop is Thursday, tax day, in Washington D.C.
Video at the link: http://www.fox8.com/news/wjw-tea-party-express-txt,0,800387.story

There will be another one in the area this week. I plan on attending.

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