Ted Turner: ‘It’s Good That Troops Are Commiting Suicide’

This bilious old leftwing asshole should just drop dead already.


Apparently, radical muzzies didn’t get the ‘peace, love, and Kumbaya’ memo.

Some of Ted’s greatest ideas:

Palestinians are fighting with suicide bombers because “that’s all they have”.

The world should adopt China’s one-child policy. Except for him. He has five.

Global warming will lead to mass cannibalism and Iraqi insurgents are actually patriots

“The Russians just pulled out” of Afghanistan (in 2009)

CNN should air “less fluffy news and more international news”…and more “Captain Planet” reruns

CNN employees celebrating Ash Wednesday are “a bunch of Jesus freaks”

“We were friends with just about everyone in the world” until George W. Bush came along

“Iran does not put us in peril like global warming does”

“I’m much more worried about our nuclear arsenal than [Iran’s]”

Turner unclear on which side he should take in the war on terror

U.S. should stop terrorism by giving the terrorists everything they want

Give North Korea “a break.” They’re only a threat to Alaskan “sea lions”

‘Global warming’ is the “most serious problem” humanity has ever faced.

Hey Ted, you know what would be good? A Ted Turner-Hanoi Jane murder-suicide.

4 thoughts on “Ted Turner: ‘It’s Good That Troops Are Commiting Suicide’”

  1. Ted, I have a place on my reservation where you and Jane can come play with the gators. Would really love to have you. Just to get you started: bend over to get your face close to the surface of the water. I will cram a shotgun up your ass and pull the trigger.

    I got one here for Jane as well.

    The war is coming.That Montana ranch can get real small.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!! What an asshole. Perhaps it would be ‘good’ (using his words) if he went back to his Montana ranch and committed the same act on himself that he espouses for our military “HEROS”. That comment has really changed my opinion of this guy and for that matter CNN which allowed that comment to fly unedited. Drop dead Ted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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