Terrorists Caught at Mexican Border

Say it ain’t so…..

Official says terrorists have been arrested on border

Associated Press
DALLAS – Texas’ top homeland security official said Wednesday that terrorists with ties to Hezbollah, Hamas and al-Qaida have been arrested crossing the Texas border with Mexico in recent years. ”Has there ever been anyone linked to terrorism arrested?” Texas Homeland Security Director Steve McCraw said in a speech to the North Texas Crime Commission. “Yes, there was.”
His remarks appear to be among the most specific on the topic of terrorism arrests along the Texas-Mexico border. Local and elected officials have alluded to this happening but have been short on details.

Leticia Zamarripa, a spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in El Paso, said Wednesday she was unaware of any border arrests of people with terrorist ties. An ICE spokeswoman in San Antonio did not return phone messages left by The Associated Press. U.S. Border Patrol spokesman Lloyd M. Easterling was unable to comment.

However, McCraw’s remarks are similar to those made recently by National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell, who last month told the El Paso Times that a small number of people with known links to terrorist organizations have been caught crossing the border.

Link: http://www.elpasotimes.com//ci_6881417

This type of incursion is nothing new. When the pucker factor at the airports got so tight you could hear it squeak, Ahmed, Mohammad, and every other terrorist Islamic shitbag decided to join the Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatamalans, Salvadorans, et al, in traipsing right through the path of least resistance.

Panama’s Security Chief: al-Qaida Is Here

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports that the al-Qaida terrorist group is active in Panama and may be making the Central American country a base of operations.

Panamanian security chief Javier Martinez, speaking at a U.S.-organized seminar in his country earlier this month, said al-Qaida also is planning an attack on the Panama Canal.

The paper did not cite additional specifics.

The news of al-Qaida’s Panama connection is not new to Insider Report subscribers.

In January, NewsMax’s Insider Report, quoting a source close to U.S. intelligence, reported that al-Qaida operatives have set up shop in Panama City.

U.S. intelligence believes the terror group is using Panama as either a base or a transit point and may be making use of Panama’s banks.

We also noted that there remain other U.S. security concerns in Panama. Panama’s recently installed president, Martin Torijos, is seeking closer ties to Cuba’s Fidel Castro, who is no friend of the U.S.

And a Chinese company still runs the canal that America built.

Link: http://archive.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2005/3/21/13233.shtml

Al-Qaida Operative Nabbed Near Mexican Border
November 20, 2005
An al-Qaida operative who was on the FBI’s terrorist watch list was recently captured near the Mexican border, housed in a Texas jail and turned over to federal agents, Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas, said on Friday.

“A confirmed al-Qaida terrorist, an Iraqi national, was held in the Brewster County jail,” Rep. Culberson told ABC Radio host Sean Hannity. “He was captured in Mexico. This was within the last six weeks. He was turned over to the FBI.” The Texas Republican said he obtained the stunning information about the terrorist’s capture “from the sheriffs who were directly involved. “In fact, one was the sheriff who incarcerated him in the Brewster County jail [and who] confirmed this as well,” he explained. The same sheriff also confirmed “that this guy is on the FBI’s al-Qaida list,” he added. The al-Qaida operative “had been in Mexico, living just about 60 miles east of El Paso,” Rep. Culberson said. “He was captured in a little town called El Porvenir, right across from Fort Hancock.”

Rep. Culberson said the detainee had been living in Mexico for up to a year, where the terrorist “was taking careful notes on the movement of people, police officers, wildlife, etc.” The Iraqi national “had apparently aggravated a neighbor in Mexico, who turned him in to Mexican authorities,” he explained. Mexican officials then turned him over to the U.S. officials, who temporarily housed him in the Brewster County jail.

Asked why this news hadn’t been reported earlier, Culberson told Hannity, “That’s a very good question and one that I intend to get to the bottom of in my subcommittee.” Rep. Culberson sits on the appropriations subcommittee with jurisdiction over the FBI and the Department of Justice. “I guarantee that we’re going to get to the bottom of this,” he pledged.

He said FBI Director Robert Mueller had previously “confirmed” in testimony before his committee “that there are individuals from countries with known al-Qaida connections who are changing their Islamic surnames to Hispanic-sounding names and obtaining false Hispanic identities, learning to speak Spanish and pretending to be Hispanic immigrants.” “And these are clearly Arab terrorists,” Rep. Culberson added, “from countries like Yemen, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. They’re crossing the border, pretending to be Hispanic immigrants, and then disappearing.”

Rep. Culberson said news of al-Qaida’s penetration of the U.S.’s southern border has him worried that the next terrorist plot could involve setting off simultaneous truck bombs in major urban centers. “The day they blow us up,” he predicted, “the border will be sealed tighter than the Berlin Wall and you’ll have armed United States military forces” enforcing immigration laws.


Hello, ICE, FBI, Federal, State, and local governments: ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?
What will it take? Another 3000 lives?

4 thoughts on “Terrorists Caught at Mexican Border”

  1. Really? Section 102 of the Patriot Act says that Muslim and Arab Americans would not be discriminated against. So why are Muslims at border checks so targeted?

    1. Chiniss Boi,
      It probably has something to do with muslim jihadists comitting terrorist acts in the name of Islam.
      SFC MAC

  2. Porter,

    I’ve said this before about the Patriot Act:
    Why should we worry about whether or not it should be ‘legal’ to monitor and collect intelligence on terrorist cells in the United States? I don’t give one hair on a dead rat’s as about the “privacy” of terrorists using our own country as an operating base for their next plot.

    Surveillance and intelligence gathering on domestic threats is an absolute necessity.
    The terrorists in this country depend on the ACLU and ‘invasion of privacy’ fears to get away with their activity. The paranoid and the self-absorbed types, who think the NSA listens in on their phone conversations with Grandma, are wasting their angst.

    BTW: ALL of our borders should be carefully monitored and secured.


  3. Strange that none of these stories appeared in mainline newspapers and on the 6 o’clock news. If there was any truth to these allegations, this would be headline news!

    I imagine that ICE DHS and the rest are throwing this out there to justify their existance and to help get Bush’s reauthorization of the Patriot Act passed.Remember that one? Where they can wiretap without warrants, private citizens in the U.S.?

    I think our concentration should be on the northern border since Canada has such a liberal immigration policy for people from the middle east and these immigrants can enter the U.S. at will by showing a Canadian I.D.


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