Terrorists Sentenced in Ft. Dix Plot

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A federal judge today sentenced three Muslim immigrants to life in prison for planning an attack on Fort Dix, saying radical ideology and hatred for America drove their plot to kill U.S. soldiers.

The men, brothers from the Balkans, were among five defendants convicted in December of conspiring to target the Burlington County base in a crime prosecutors said was inspired by al-Qaida and proved that homegrown jihadists were plotting inside America.

……The Dukas, ethnic Albanians who were born in Macedonia, have lived illegally in the U.S. since slipping across the border through Mexico in 1984. They ran a pizzeria and worked as roofers. Shain and Eljvir Duka attended Cherry Hill High School West.

But prosecutors said they also held fervent religious beliefs and studied jihadist videos and lectures. While they had no known ties to established terror groups, authorities said the men trained with guns and scouted Fort Dix and other bases for possible attacks.

……U.S. Deputy U.S. Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick said the men were driven solely by their fanatic religious beliefs.

“There was no financial motive. There was nothing else. They seemed to be motivated entirely by revenge, by hatred — and by animosity of our way of life,” said Fitzpatrick, who prosecuted the case with Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael A. Hammer Jr.

During the investigation, authorities recorded hundreds of conversations with the defendants with help from two informants.

On one of the tapes, Eljvir Duka, who is married to Shnewer’s sister, said he wanted to “train sniper” and wondered how close he would have to stand from the White House to shoot President Bush.


I’m hoping they have a fatal “accident” in prison.

2 thoughts on “Terrorists Sentenced in Ft. Dix Plot”


    How about that? An unexpected outbreak of of common sense on the federal bench. What are the odds . . . ?

    An “accident” would be too good for these scum.

    1. JOCS, USNR(RET),

      It’ll be interesting to see if they actually serve out a ‘life sentence’ or get released early. If/when they get out, deportation should be next on the agenda.

      SFC MAC

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