The Democratic Party in One Great Quote

“To its committed members (the Democratic Party) was still the party of heart, humanity, and justice, but to those removed a few paces it looked like Captain Hook’s crew–ambulance-chasing lawyers, rapacious public policy grants persons, civil rights gamesmen, ditzy-brained movie stars, fat-assed civil servant desk squatters, recovering alcoholics, recovering wife-beaters, recovering child-buggers, and so forth and so on, a grotesque line-up of ill-mannered self-pitying, caterwauling freeloaders banging their tin cups on the pavement demanding handouts.”

– Nicholas von Hoffman, Washington Post, 11-12-94

1 thought on “The Democratic Party in One Great Quote”

  1. John Egbert

    No conservative, he; and in the (Com)Post, too! And the party has only gotten worse since that was written

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