The Last Three Years of Obama’s Malaise, “All Bush’s Fault”

Who keeps supporting this numbnuts?

“The reason they still support me is because they understand what an incredible mess had been made as I was coming into office and we’ve been spending the last three years cleaning it up. The good news is that the economy is starting to strengthen. We’ve seen some positive signs. The unemployment rate has ticked down.”

The economy sucks “because of Bush”, and that’s not all.

The riots in the Middle East, a Tsunami in Japan, and technology are at fault for the loss of our AAA rating, the $15+ trillion debt, 16.3% “underemployment”, and THE EXALTED ONE’s descent from deification.

Blame anyone you want, B. Hussein. We know who owns the train wreck.

In spite of the fact that he’s spent the last 3 years trampling on the Constitution,  destroying the economy with Marxism, and mangled our foreign policy and war efforts, he wants to stick around around for another four years so he can drive more nails into America’s coffin. 

And blame Bush while he’s at it.


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