The Left’s Protests vs. The Tea Party

Compare and contrast. 

The Left demonstrates their ‘civil’, ‘peaceful’ tendencies.

The “largely peaceful” demonstration in Phoenix:

More from Laura Ingraham and Bernie Goldberg at Fox News

The Washington Times:

The humanitarian concern for the “undocumented guests” in the country:

Democrat: Arizona law like ‘Nazi Germany’

Arizona illegal immigrant law is a Nazi measure says Catholic Archbishop Mahony

Newsweek: “Arizona or Nazi Germany?”

Sharpton, other activists compare Arizona immigration law to apartheid, Nazi Germany and Jim Crow

Roger Ebert Compares Arizona Immigration Bill To Nazi Germany

NYT Former Reporter Greenhouse Fires on Arizona’s ‘Police State,’ Makes Nazi Comparison

More “largely peaceful” protests from the Left.

G20 protests

On college campuses


A friendly encounter in New Orleans

Some ‘what would Jesus (Obama) do’ speech during the campaign

That’s just a sampling of their harmonious assemblies and affable discussions.

Now, let’s take a look at those racist, hatemongering, un-American teabaggers, shall we?

Take a good look at those neanderthals in the photos.  And all that scary talk about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Those “bitter, gun-clinging bigots”!  Those nasty, hateful people and their ideas on free market economy, fiscal responsibility, and the legislative process.  Their audacious criticism of the government’s discretionary bailouts, and the confiscation of banks and private industry.  No tolerance of the Marxist usurpation of the White House.  Their objection to the trillions of dollars in new debt and tax hikes. They’re just a bunch of low rent, trailer park rednecks with no appreciation of what’s good for them.  How dare they question the Obamessiah?  Such insolence!

After examining the substance, the intent, and the purpose of the opposing groups, perhaps the main stream media hacks can explain why they lie about the Tea Party movement, and give the apparatchiks a complete pass on their incendiary rhetoric and violence.

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