The Leftwing Politicizing of Bin Laden’s Death Begins, With Some Sympathy for Him, to Boot

The leftist assclowns at the New York Times refuse to acknowledge the success of the Bush-approved methods that led to Bin Laden’s courier, and eventually, to Bin Laden himself, while heaping praise on Obama’s use of that information.

The slobbering sycophants at MSNBC are gushing with love for Obamessiah; Margaret Carlson calls him ‘General Obama’.

NPR hack Mara Liasson drools over how Obama now looks “strong and competent and decisive.”

Obama will no doubt use his upcoming trip to Ground Zero as a photo-op. It’s not a memorial, it’s a campaign stop. George Bush, who has more class in his little finger than Obama’s (in)ability to muster, has graciously declined the invitation to attend the disingenuous farce.

While he poses for pictures, maybe he can explain his off-handed comment that ‘America could absorb another attack’. Nothing about doing what it takes to prevent another attack or unleashing America’s might, no holds barred, to go after the camel fuckers who started the war.

Of course, there’s the usual sour grapes toward the president who actually made the death of Bin Laden possible. As Brent Bozell points out, the MSM continues to portray George W. Bush as a villian.

Chrissy “tingles” Matthews calls Dick Cheney a “sadist” for bombing Iraq in comparison to Obama’s actions.

But, all is not well in Liberal Land. Some of the shitheads are kinda put out that Bin Laden is finally gone.

Lawrence O’Donnell, another MSNBC puke,  thinks we “overreacted” to 9/11.  Does that include the desire to hunt down and kill those responsible? Going by O’Donnell’s own take, we also “overreacted” to Pearl Harbor and Hitler’s atrocities.
O’Donnell shares some slimy company. A DailyKos nutjob thinks 9/11 was “all about optics”.

They’ve also leveled some pretty nasty insults at Americans who dare to rejoice over the death of one of the most despicable pieces of excrement on the planet.  Wanna bet the WaPo hack who authored that tripe didn’t have the same reaction to the muslims’ elation over 9/11?

Glenn Greenwald jumps on the ‘how-dare-Americans-celebrate-Bin Laden’s-death’ bandwagon, with his own unique brand of hissy fit journalism.

Alan Dershowitz laments the way we gave  Bin Laden a well-deserved ticket to hell. He vacillates back and forth on the issue of using torture to extract information from belligerent enemy combatants, and in spite of his opposition, admits that it works. He reluctantly accepts the necessity for tough interrogations, but cannot bring himself to be glad over the death of a monster who was killed as a result of those interrogations. This is where he goes off into stupidville: Says Dershowitz, “We probably shot a man who was not resisting, in cold blood…we did a great deal of things that compromised our legal situation….We shot a man in cold blood without giving him an opportunity to surrender, and we all think that was terrific. Let’s face reality, we’re all a bunch of hypocrites. And that’s probably necessary when you live in a real world with terrible people.”

“Legal situation”? Who gives a fuck? What would Dershowitz have prefered? Miranda Rights and some coffee and donuts while he waited for his lawyer?

Now the Senate will consider whether the use of the term “Operation Geronimo” is a racial slur.

The absurdity that comes out of the bowels of the legislature proves that they’re too pre-occupied with silly shit and not focused enough on taking care of this country.

The vicious stupidity of the Left keeps getting worse. Spit-flecked venom from media elites and leftwing politicians alike, directed at Americans who support the notion of a strong United States, and the willingness to go after an enemy who killed 3000 people on our soil, is abhorrent. The military, which does the heavy lifting, gets a good amount of their animosity as well.

The schizophrenic liberal media pundits hate Bush for sending the military to fight muslim terrorists on their own turf and allowing the GITMO interrogators to do their job. But they love Obama for taking advantage of the hard work of the Bush administration, and doing precisely what Bush would have done if Bin Laden’s sanctuary had been discovered while he was still in office. If liberals had their way, the war against Islamic aggression would never have been fought, Bin Laden would still be alive, and muslim terrorists would operate carte blanche without fear of reprisal.

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  1. I read this article at Blogcritics. Boy, did they wreak havoc with your fine writing. I’m kinda glad they banned me. I don’t have to take their shit anymore. And I don’t. Do you mind if I share this on FB? It’s nice to see what a real Soldier thinks – instead of the pansy-assed pricks at BC or on other places at FB.

  2. SFC MAC: Since your article “Obama ‘Remarkably Out of His Depth'” was published at (April 25), you’ve given us ten new posts at The Foxhole. Why did none of them appear at Blogcritics? Did BC’s editors reject your submissions, or have you abandoned that venue? I was hoping you’d become a regular presence there in order to shake things up. As I commented here on April 26, yours is a singular and sorely needed voice of courage on that pusillanimous site.

    1. Alan,
      I don’t submit urgent posts to them every day, because it takes at least two days for them to respond and publish. Unfortunately, they don’t allow simultaneous publication; they want the post to appear on blogcritics, first. If I have something that I don’t need to publish right away, I submit it. They have yet to reject any of my submissions.

      SFC MAC

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