The Liar-in-Chief: ‘Americans Want Me to Raise Taxes’

Why tell the truth when lies suffice enough for the narrative.

The Anointed One pulled another whopper out of his ass and claimed Americans are “sold on tax increases”. 
That might be the consensus on Planet Obama, but not in the U.S. on planet earth, where the opposition to B. Hussein’s tax/spend orgy is about 2 to 1. 

Obama railed against Republicans for ignoring what he said is the will of the American people by rejecting tax increases. Really? That socialist Keynesian asshole and his former Dem majority in Congress ignored the will of the people when they rammed ObamaCare through the legislature.  The people want him gone. Even a generic, no-name Republican candidate leads him in the polls. There is a small percentage who are “sold” on the train wreck Obama created; about 16%.

He’s trying to sell America a shit sandwich, and we ain’t buying it.

1 thought on “The Liar-in-Chief: ‘Americans Want Me to Raise Taxes’”

  1. No Messiah O, this is what the American TAXPAYERS want.

    1. No tax increase’s at all for anybody.
    2. Cutting off of spending on lazy assed entitled motherfucking leeches no matter what their “racial identity”. Let them drown and die. FUCK THEM ALL!
    3. Jobs that pay fair wages for the work produced with a reasonable taste of the wealth they help create.
    4. Healthcare? Let’s devise programs where each gets what they can afford. Just because some tech exists doesn’t mean I’m “entitled” to it. Not all life is of equal value. Some folks just plain assed need to stop sucking off the teat and get on with dying. If I fall in that tranch, then fuck me. If my family and friends won’t kick in why should strangers have to pay? Time to go! Hasta la vista baby!
    5. Stop all public spending for illegals, I don’t give a shit if it’s a band aid. Fuck ’em all. If you can cunt up an excuse why Texas shouldn’t kill your raping, torturing, killing nasty ass because after slimeing across the border at age 2 and being a total piece of shit years later then let the Mexican consulate pay for your nasty asses education, food stamps, medical care, housing and all the fucking rest! Suck my sweaty nasty dingle berries your human pieces of shit.
    6. Pass voter registration that demands proof of the right to vote. Cunts like the the left want to have free to all registration based on spit. Fuck you but voting is not a right unless you are a fucking bona fide citizen. Can’t prove that? Then fuck you but YOU have disenfranchised yourself. Get a fucking job, an address and a FREE state ID that checks your citizenship.

    I may be understating it a bit here but please forgive me. I’m the shy, retiring type.

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