The Marching Morons

Get a gander at this lovely little missive from a Berkeley nihilist:

An open letter to the Bay Area Anarchist Community
by Ta.
Sunday Feb 10th, 2008 8:43 PM
An open letter to the Bay Area Anarchist Community
I have been part of a lot the demonstration against the Marine recruiters in Berkeley; in some of them I demonstrated waterboarding, showing people that waterboarding is torture. I’m an Anarchist, but I was very disappointed to not see any anarchists participate in shutting down the recruiting office. Shouldn’t we be part of eliminating the ways in which the state preys on kids to solicit them to next war for rich? Shouldn’t Anarchists in the bay-area be at the front of the campaign to close the local-forces of the state? In many other cities Anarchists has tried and were part of challenging the local Army recruiters, what the fuck is the bay-area anarchist community doing to confront this shit?

Look, I don’t agree with a lot of the politics of Code Pink, World Can’t Wait, the RCP, etc., but engaging in direct anti-recruitment action is profoundly important right now, whether your agenda is anarchist, communist, or socialist.

Fuck state power! And let’s be clear, the right wing groups like A Gathering of Eagles, and Move America Forward, are not only all about state power, but they want state power to be used to crush us. They represent the most reactionary elements of the state which support the most disgusting acts performed by “our troops,” from the bombing of Falluja to the torture of Iraqi civilians, to supporting the mercenary pigs of Blackwater.

You can argue that world can’t wait, Answer, and code pink are authoritarian groups, but who do you see wielding the ax at your throat the most, right now as you read these words? What is needed right now is direct confrontation of these right-wing assholes who are coming to our area, in order to silence and keep us in line (oink!). Think what great advancement and opportunities will come if the Marine station closes down, we can already see the great amount of debate and polarization that is happening just by challenging the existence of one military recruitment center. Let’s turn up the heat!!!

Are we just going to passively sit here and allow these right wing political Nazis, to come to Berkeley and enforce their will on us? Let’s shut down the recruiting office, and mobilize people to shut down the war machine, which will only make the March 19 action more effective.

Monday, Feb 11, from 7:00 p.m. to Tuesday Feb 12, 7 p.m. a vigil in front of the Berkeley City Council, the right wing groups are going to be there all day.


The above was written by the type of miscreant who likes to hide under a hood while they toss pipe bombs at recruiting centers.

Speaking of which, the Times Square recruiting station was open for business the next day, and business is brisk:

The station reopened shortly after 5 p.m. on Thursday. On any given day, said Sergeant Latella — a 12-year veteran from Irwin, Pa. — the number of people who walk in depends on the weather. He said it could be about two dozen on a good day.

Of the six recruiting stations in Manhattan, the Times Square station — just below where the ball drops on New Year’s Eve — is the most successful, averaging 20 or more recruits a year for the Army alone, said Capt. Charles Jaquillard, 31, a 10-year Army veteran from Toledo, Ohio, who supervises the six stations.

……By 6 a.m., Captain Jaquillard was at the station, watching as investigators combed the scene for evidence. “For whatever reason this was done,” he said, “there are other ways to get a point across. Whatever that point was, whether it was to stop our recruiting operations or something else, obviously it was a fruitless effort.”

……Recruiting goes on, he emphasized, comparing the bombing to a spell of bad weather. The station is normally open Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. “People come in because they’ve got interest in military service,” he said.


Looks like the 19 March “protest” was a bust:

……Yet, despite the often creative costumes and messages, the protests were a far cry from the large and dramatic protests that marked the buildup to the war as well as the conflict’s early months.

……It wasn’t just San Francisco. Sparse attendance marked anti-war demonstrations nationwide, from Washington, D.C., to Syracuse, N.Y. to Hartford, Conn.


“Ta” and company are part and parcel to the lunatic fringe who would never subject themselves to the communist/socialist/Islamic regimes they fawn over. There’s already countries on the planet which fit the bill, but you don’t see any of them making a beeline for the airport. They want to overthrow the U.S. government, replace it with something far worse, and inflict it on the rest of us.

There’s only one problem: We won’t cooperate.

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